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   Chapter 771 Experiment!

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Master. Rory touched his own beard and smiled, "My daughter has lived in the Xia clan for a long time. Mr. Ryan, will you just let her live in the Xia clan like this?"

Master. Rory directly pointed out the purpose of his words.

Hearing that, Ryan smiled and said, "of course not. Don't worry, Master. Rory. Your girl is very popular in the Xia clan, and my mother likes her very much. Of course, And I have a crush on her. Well, I will be a lucky and auspicious day three days later. And I will come to marry her that day!"

Hearing that, Master. Rory smiled with satisfaction and said, "Okay, then do as you said, Mr. Ryan, but I heard that there is another woman named Miss Christine living in the Xia clan. She has been pregnant for a long time. Mr. Ryan, what about your relationship with Miss Christine? ?"

Taking a sip of the tea, Ryan put it down and asked, "Oh, do you mean Christine? Oh, here is the thing. Miss Christine is the woman my son once has an affair with outside. She is pregnant and came to my house to make trouble. After all, she is still pregnant with the child of my son. It's reasonable to keep her in my family. As the head of the Xia clan, I can't just ignore her. What's more, my mother Ms. Judy has been in a bad mood these days and depressed for a long time, so I left Miss Christine to chat with my mom to help her dissipate her loneliness. That woman is waiting for the birth of her baby in the Xia clan. Since she is now pregnant with the baby of my family, we will not leave her alone. But if the baby turns out to be someone's else, I will send her away. "

In a few words, Ryan had completely disassociated himself from Angela.

Even Master. Rory, who knew the truth, was speechless with Ryan's attitude.

Ryan still refused to admit that this woman named Angela(AKA Christine) was his mistress and even put all the blame on his own son. What else could he say about such shameless behavior?

So Master. Rory said slowly, "I see. Since Miss Christine is not Adam's wife, but one of his mistress. Isn't it appropriate for her to live in the Xia clan? Or is there anything hidden about it? "

A sneer appeared on the

him to continue looking.

Two minutes later, Brandon was addicted to drugs again. At the beginning, Brandon just randomly scratched his hair, sleeves and spit out words that he couldn't hear clearly. But gradually, he moved more and more fiercely. His hair fell down one by one, and the skin of his broken body was scratched by his fingernails.

Brandon groaned painfully on the ground.

Then, Ryan saw that in the end, Brandon actually held her head and hit the wall. Bang, bang, bang, bang, several times, as if he could not feel the pain. It seemed that he did not feel any pain at all.

Ryan's eyes widened. He had seen many drug addicts, but it was the first time that he had seen such a pain.

"Master. Rory, you What do you want to do? Just let me see a person who is driven crazy by the drug addiction? "

Master. Rory still smiled without saying anything. He stood up, picked up the transparent bottle on the table, opened it, walked to Brandon, squatted down, reached out to pinch Brandon]'s chin, forcefully opened his mouth, and poured a bug into his mouth.

The bug crawled into his stomach from his mouth.

Ryan had only seen such a scene on TV. He felt a bit disgusting to see such scene.

It was really disgusting for him to see such a thing today.

Ryan covered his mouth to hold back the urge to puke and continued to look.

After Master. Rory finished all this, he shook off Brandon's hand mercilessly.

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