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   Chapter 770 I Want To Be An Ordinary Woman In My Next Life!

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Edgar, Leo and others arrived at the ICU on the third floor smoothly.

As soon as Edgar entered the ICU, he saw Angela lying on the bed. Angela closed her eyes, with an oxygen tube inserted into her nose, an ECG, and a drip.

Her face was pale and her skin was bloodless. She looked as if she was dead. In fact, she was dead. Could she come to life after brain death?

Edgar walked over and stood on the edge of the bed. He just looked at Angela quietly for a while and said, "Angela, Crystal let me come to see you for the last time."

As soon as Edgar finished his words, Angela suddenly opened her eyes. She stared at Edgar and said something faintly.

Hearing Angela's words, Edgar bent over and asked, "What do you want to say?"

It seemed that Angela had used up all her strength. She said to Edgar, "Save my child!"

"Don't worry. I will send your child to the countryside to find a simple and honest person to adopt. He won't be homeless, nor will he fall into the hands of Ryan."

Tears welled up in Angela's eyes. She forced a smile and said weakly, "Thank you! My Phone Has everything you want to know. Please thank Crystal for me. I want an ordinary woman in my next life."

Edgar said, "Of course you can!"

Finally, Angela looked into Edgar's eyes and said weakly, "I Can I call you cousin for the last time?"

With the most ordinary smile on his face as usual, Edgar said, "Of course you can. I will watch your child grow up for you."

Tears streamed down Angela's cheeks, and he also smiled brightly, "Thank you Cousin!"

When Angela called him "Cousin", it suddenly occurred to Edgar that Angela was the daughter of the Cao family and his cousin. He used to be the apple of the eyes of the former Hobson' of the Cao group, and also the sister of the current CEO of the Cao group, Steven.

But later, the Cao Clan was defeated, and Angela committed a crime and was sent to prison. After he was released, he became Christine and Ryan's mistress. All these things appeared

ith great insight and quickly walked over to hang the coat on the hanger.

Edgar strode over the desk, sat down and came straight to the point, "Tell me, what have you found out?"

Leo took out Angela's phone and clicked on a video. He bent over and respectfully put it on the table, saying, "Boss, you can watch this video first."

As the video was played, a man in a white suit appeared on the screen. He was wearing a moon colored medium long woolen coat with a cigar in his hand.

The man sat at the desk and drank tea. His fingers were thin and long, and the light of the cigar in his fingers reflected that his fingers were really beautiful.

The man's appearance was hard to tell, and he was full of dark and light energy.

Opposite him sat Ryan in a black suit.

"Master Rory, you are right. There is indeed a spy in the government of the state of Xia. Thanks to your help, those people showed their true colors."

Master Rory smiled and his voice was a little slender. He said, "No, no. It's because of the president's cooperation that I can make a difference."

"Then what else do you want to say next, Master Rory?"

"Since we got along with each other these days, I think President Xia is a straightforward person. Well, I'll come straight to the point."

Ryan smiled politely and said, "Please go ahead!"

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