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   Chapter 670

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Crystal was swinging on the swing. She was dressed in leather, and her beautiful face was like a blossom blooming in the darkness against the moonlight.

At that time, Jordan was stunned.

Ignoring Jordan's abnormality, Crystal said, "how can I not know about the online public opinion?"

Jordan touched his nose and said, "what should we do now? I don't know who took the photos of us. "

Crystal stopped playing on the swing. She bent down and picked up a leaf on the ground. Playing with it in her hand, she smiled and said, "what else can I do? Now that someone is so gossipy, let's fulfill their wish. "

Jordan was shocked and almost bit his tongue. "Crystal, what did you say? Fulfill their wish? Do you mean that we... "

Crystal chuckled, "brother in law, what are you thinking about? What I mean is that it is quite obvious someone tried to set me up. I'm not a coward. I've already been attacked. Why don't I fight back? "

Jordan smiled awkwardly, "I I didn't mean that. I mean, Crystal, do you know who framed you? Since we have to fight back, we have to find out who created this rumor. "

Crystal sneered, "of course I know who the culprit is."

Jordan asked curiously, "who is the culprit?"

Crystal blew away a leaf, stood up and sneered, "I think no one will use such a shameless method except for Daisy."

Jordan was shocked, "how could it be her?"

Crystal walked to the flowers and plants, bent down to pluck up a Begonia flower. She pinched it in her hand and smelled it. "Who else could it be? Only she was here with us that day. Who else could have taken our photos secretly?"

"Didn't she leave?"

"Don't you think she wouldn't come back again and spy on us secretly?"

"But why did she do that?"

"Brother in law, do you need to ask me about it?"

Jordan scratched his hair and said guiltily, "Crystal, I'm sorry. It's all my fault."

Crystal turned around and looked at Jordan seriously, "brother in law, do you think no one will harm me even if you don't stay with me? There are so many people who hate me in this world. It's not surprising that there will still be such troubles even if I am not here with you. "

Jordan sighed, "Crystal, why do you have to

of entertainment sector. Do you think an ordinary rich guy could be powerful enough to control the content of headline? "

Jordan was suddenly enlightened, "Crystal, so you want to say that there is someone powerful supporting Daisy?"

Crystal picked up the kettle under the table, stood up and watered the flowers. After a while, Crystal put it down and said, "well, not bad. And that person may be my old acquaintance!

Crystal burst into laughter while saying that.

Noticing that Crystal was tired, Jordan didn't ask any more. Crystal had figured out her own way to retaliate. Then he said, "Crystal, have a rest first!"

She nodded, "okay!"

Crystal didn't want her brother-in-law to know too much. It was not that she didn't believe him, but that she didn't want to make trouble for him.

After Jordan] left, Crystal didn't go back to her room immediately.

Then she sat on the swing again. After she came, her brother-in-law asked make it for her. Those children liked to play on it, and of course, Crystal also liked it.

Sitting on it, she seemed to recall her childhood. Although her childhood was gray and dark in her heart, she still missed it.

However, after calming down, what made her think most was the fact that Edgar went to Mountain Fengling to look for her.

There were so many predators on the Mountain Fengling. She wondered if Edgar would be in danger?

Time passed quickly. The whole night passed while Crystal was still in trance

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