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   Chapter 663 I Saved You!

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Edgar had never been gentle to other women. In his eyes, except for Crystal, there was no difference between other women. Even if Tracy saved him, he would not take a look at her at all.

Therefore, after Tracy said that, without hesitation, Edgar grabbed the ladder and climbed up.

Edgar had a noble aura of his own. Even when he climbed the ladder rudely, he was still so elegant and noble in Tracy's eyes.

The corners of Tracy's mouth twitched. Didn't this man really know how to be polite to women?

But soon she felt relieved. That's right. How could such a proud man say he liked her so easily?

Her prince charming was unique and that was why she liked him.

After Edgar went up, he saw a man standing at the top of the trap. He was wearing a long and a green coat, looking very handsome.

When the man on the other side saw Edgar come up, he pulled out the dagger from his waist without saying anything and said to Edgar, "who are you?"

Edgar glanced at him coldly without saying anything.

At this time, Tracy also climbed up.

"Brother, what are you doing? Take the dagger back. He is my friend. "

Without giving them a look, Edgar turned around and walked past them. He was going to leave this damned place.

Edgar was injured. Besides, he drove so fast that he didn't have time to rest all the way. He was tired and injured.

At this time, Edgar felt dizzy and he was overwhelmed with heat all over his body.

He shook his head and kept walking. He wanted to go back to look for Crystal.

Just as he lifted his foot, he suddenly felt darkness in front of him and almost fell down.

At this moment, his arm was suddenly held by a pair of slender hands.

"Where are you going? You have a fever and your wound is inflamed. You need to be treated as soon as possible. "

All of a sudden, Edgar shook off Tracy's hand and said coldly, "g

to marry him. You know my his temper. How could he let you marry a man that we know nothing about him. He won't agree."

With her hands on her hips, Tracy snorted and said disapprovingly, "what's the matter? If I say I'm pregnant with that man's child, do you think Dad will agree?"

Hearing this, Brandon almost jumped up and shouted at her, "what nonsense are you talking about? Your reputation is so important. How can you say that? "

Crossing her arms over her chest, Tracy snorted, "how can I say that? You and your wife have a child before marriage, right? Why can't I? "

"I " Brandon was choked up with her words.

Tracy squinted her eyes and said, "brother, if you don't help me, I'll tell your wife that you have an affair with the daughter of our neighbor. And you even accompany her to the hospital for an abortion."

Brandon's face turned dark at once. "Tracy! You! "

Suddenly, there was a "plop" coming from not far away

Tracy and Brandon followed the sound and saw a figure not far away fall to the ground in an instant.

Tracy exclaimed, "no, he fainted!"

After saying that, Tracy ran towards Edgar who was fainted.

Brandon curled his lips and murmured, "humph, look at him! So weak!" Then he followed Tracy.

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