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   Chapter 632 Bitch, Go To Hell!

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With an expressionless face, Crystal walked in with something in her arms.

The policeman who brought Crystal here said to her, "You can live here from now on. If you have anything, remember to report to me!"

What he meant was that if he was bullied, he would report it to the police.

Crystal nodded, "Okay, thank you!"

The policeman looked at the other people in the cell and scolded, "What are you looking at? Be honest. After you are transferred to the court and sentenced, you can't live here any longer. I know what you are thinking. Don't bully the new comers. Your performance in the detention house will also be one of the sentences for the judge!"

After a while, the police left.

The iron door was closed. Ignoring those vicious eyes, Crystal walked to an empty shop and put down the things in her hands.

Of course, it seemed that Crystal was indifferent, but in fact, she had been observing everyone from the corner of her eyes. When Crystal saw a figure curling up in the corner for silence, the corners of Crystal's mouth drew a smile.

The environment in the detention house was a little better than that in the prison of the police station. The room was a little larger, but there were more people living in it. It was said that there would be several hours of heating at night, which could not be so cold when they are sleeping at night!

When Crystal was about to make the bed, several female prisoners suddenly rushed over as if they had reached an agreement. The woman in the front them kicked over Crystal's washbasin suddenly.

The toothbrush, toothbrush and towel all fell out from the washbasin and rolled on the ground.

The other one picked up the bag that Edgar gave to Crystal and poured out all the things inside, which were what women needed, in addition to towels, socks, underwear, and sanitary towels.

Seeing these things, Crystal was also a little surprised.

How could Edgar know that she was going to have her period.

Those people all kicked these things to the ground after they saw those things.


e it. What can you do?"

Crystal, "Lie down and lick it!"

The female prisoner was stunned. She scratched her ear and said, "What did you say? I didn't hear you clearly!"

Crystal, "Lick it clean."

The female prisoner was instantly furious. "Bah, little bitch, are you courting death?"

Crystal's hand was ready and was about to hit the prison. Suddenly, the prison door was knocked heavily. Outside the door, the police roared, "What are you doing? I know you won't be honest. You can go back to your own stores. If you dare to make trouble again, I will lock you all up!"

When the prison door was opened, the police saw that all the things of Crystal fell to the ground. He knew what was going on at that time. "You bullied the new comers again. It seems that you are not tired. You still have strength. Go out to work!"

The female prisoners who bullied Crystal all went out reluctantly.

When the female prisoner who had almost fought with Crystal passed by Crystal, she bumped her shoulder hard and threatened in a low voice, "Bitch, wait for me. Sooner or later..."

Crystal's face didn't change. Out of the corner of her eye, she kept looking at the female prisoner hiding in the corner. When those people went out, Crystal packed up her things.

At night, when she was brushing her teeth, Crystal filled a basin of cold water and put it under the bed.

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