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   Chapter 631 Silly Girl, Are You Cold

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It was late at night and the outside of the prison was dark. No one could see what was happening outside.

Crystal couldn't figure out what was going on outside, so she decided to have a good rest.

Then Crystal lay down beside the bed.

The second day, at dawn, Crystal woke up early. In the morning, the police brought breakfast to her. Through asking the delivery man, Crystal found that those who committed a crime was going to be sent to the police station and would not stay here.

It explains the matter!

Therefore, at the noon of the second day, Crystal was driven to the police station by the police

After a while, they stopped in front of the police station.

Crystal got out of the car. She was still wearing the down jacket she wore yesterday, and her hair was tied into a ponytail. In this dry and cold winter, her smooth skin would be a little dry at the moment. She looked a little gaunt, but it did not affect the beauty.

Two policemen got out of the car in succession. The two of them talked to Crystal for a while, as if telling her something to pay attention to in the detention house.

After a while, when she was about to go in, A car came and stopped beside the police car.

The door was pushed open and the man in the car got off. Crystal turned around and asked in surprise, "honey, why are you here?"

In the cold wind, Edgar smiled, like the spring flowers blooming, and the temperature rose a little.

"I'm here to see you!"

Wearing only a shirt, Edgar was blown by the wind. The wind, especially cold, blew on his body like a blade, scratching flesh, but he seemed not to feel cold. He kept looking at Crystal.

At that time, tears welled up in Crystal's eyes. She walked over and helped Edgar to button up his shirt. She said, "silly guy, it's so cold. Don't you feel cold with so little clothes?"

It was not until now that Crystal realized what a wrong decision she had made. At that time, all she could think about was the plan she had come up with. She had gone to the prison to get close to Miranda and get the truth of

ar, he knew that his little girl must not be used to the food in the prison. She was raised by him to be very picky about food. Once it tasted bad, she would not eat even if she was hungry.

An empty stomach was the most harmful thing, so Edgar bought some snacks for Crystal, as long as she didn't have an empty stomach.

As for the detention house...

After the police and the police of the police station finished the handover procedure, they told the police of the police station to take care of [冷心] on their backs.

"The old people inside always like to bully the new comers. Please take care of her and arrange a better cell for her."

"It's not a good place. As long as they don't go too far, we don't care. Don't you see that there are always one or two bosses in the prison? But since you have said so, we must take care of her. Don't worry! "

"You must take good care of her. Don't let her be bullied. Don't blame us for not reminding you. Take care of this woman. Our leader, Deputy Li, will also put in a good word for us in front of our director!"

"Of course!"

Crystal entered the cell with a pile of things she had just received. The first thing that welcomed her was a pair of hostile eyes.

People who entered here all had unusual eyes.

Especially when the new comers came, they would make you feel like you were surrounded by a group of perverts.

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