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   Chapter 629 shit, you are crazy!

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As soon as Abbott entered the room, he carefully put down the liquor in front of Edgar, and then stood beside Edgar, waiting for the order of him.

With a cold glance at the liquor on the table, Edgar said, "I don't want to drink this. I want to drink red wine!"

Abbott was rendered speechless

At that time, it seemed that Abbott really wanted to roll up his sleeves and have a fight with Edgar. "Damn it! What the hell? Are you fucking insane, Edgar? "

Raising his head, Edgar cast a cold glance at Abbott and said coldly, "I want to drink red wine! Red wine! "

Only those who had seen Edgar before knew how frightening Edgar was.

With his legs trembling, Abbott quickly said, "okay! I'll be right there to get you some! "

So Abbott opened the door again and went downstairs with a bitter face. He went to the supermarket opposite and bought two bottles of red wine. He could have let his maid do it.

However, he was afraid that the maids couldn't buy the right one. If Edgar didn't like it, he would have to go for another one again, wouldn't he?

Besides, he could tell that Edgar was in a bad mood today.

However, what made him a little crazy was that even if Edgar was in a bad mood, he should not yell at him!

After complaining for a long time on the way, Abbott had been cursing Edgar for a couple of minutes in his mind. He didn't go upstairs until he calmed himself down a little bit.

Never mind. He didn't want to argue with a man who was in an awful mood!

On the way, he had made up his mind not to say anything. After he went in, he would just drained a bottle of wine with Edgar each.

But he didn't expect that when he opened the door and went back to his room, he saw that the liquor on the table had been drunk up by Edgar.

"I Are you crazy, Edgar? "

Abbott snatched the remaining half bottle of liquor from Edgar's hand!

Edgar pounded the table and shouted, "I want! I want more alcohol! Give it to me! "

After putting

ed at the ceiling and said lightly, "Ryan doesn't want me to be with Crystal, and what's more, he doesn't even want her to be alive. The secret that was hidden by Crystal can make Ryan lose his life, so he has always been against us. He has always found killers to assassinate us secretly, and he is pushing us step by step in public!"

"The secret of Ryan? What secrets does she have on Ryan? "

Shaking his head, Edgar said, "I don't know. Maybe it's because her mother left it to her. And we haven't found it yet!"

Seeing the painful look on Edgar's face, Abbott asked in confusion, "so, are you in a bad mood now because Crystal was put into prison in order to protect you? "

Hearing that, Edgar didn't say anything. Abbott then comforted him, "It's okay! It's no big deal! I'll ask my father to get her back from Ryan. After all, Crystal is nominally the Princess of Country C. Ryan will scruple about the risk to offend us. He doesn't dare to do anything to hurt Crystal! Don't worry! "

As Abbott spoke, he stood up and intended to talk to his father next door.

But he was interrupted by Edgar's sudden voice, "do you know that? I met her not by coincidence, but was a set piece! Crystal has been hoping to find out the truth of her mother's death, but I'm afraid that she will know everything... "

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