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   Chapter 628 scared to death!

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"Well, that's all. It seems that I don't have to do further explanation about it. You can leave now!"

So after talking with Deputy Li for a while, Edgar took Leo back to the hotel.

After returning to the hotel, Edgar found Douglas, Toby and Leo and asked them to arrange several of their own men in the prison in any way.

Although Edgar knew that Deputy Li would definitely protect Crystal, he was still worried about her. So he decided to arrange some of his own men to protect Crystal.

Edgar was busy all night. In the dead of night, he changed his clothes and walked out of the room. Then he turned around and went to the room of Abbott. He knocked on the door as he did last time.

No one answered!

Then, Edgar took out his phone and dialed the number of Abbott.

"Hello Who is it? "

Edgar leaned against the wall behind him, he said in a cold voice, "open the door!"

Hearing the voice of Edgar, Abbott got up from the bed and asked, "where are you?"

At this time, Edgar was in a bad mood. He missed Crystal very much. Although he had just separated from Crystal, he still missed her very much.

If it weren't for the fact that Crystal ask for it, how could he let her be sent into the prison.

At this moment, Edgar felt so depressed that he was almost out of breath.

At the other end of the phone, Abbott was still asking Edgar all kinds of stupid questions.

With a splitting headache, Edgar shouted at the phone, "open the door!"

Abbott's hand trembled and he almost threw away his phone. He quickly put on his clothes, stood up and walked to the door to open it.

"Drink with me!"

Edgar passed by Abbott and walked in his room directly.

Seeing that Edgar walked in with a ferocious look on his face, Abbott shrank his neck and turned around to follow him.

"Edgar, you Are you okay? "

Asked Abbott, looking at Edgar cautiously.

Sitting on the sofa coldly, Edgar kept looking at those pornography magazines o

d, Edgar thought about something. Without even raising his head, he said coldly, "I am busy at the moment!

The king breathed more heavily. Damn it! Don't be too arrogant, okay! Edgar!

The king was very mad. He raised his voice and said, "Edgar, what do you mean? Don't be too arrogant. Do you think you can be so domineering even now you are in the Xia state? Let me tell you, you... "

Hearing that, Edgar raised his head all of a sudden. The king stopped talking in an instant.

Because when he looked at Edgar straight in his eyes, the king seemed to meet a monster from hell. The surroundings were shrouded in a bloodthirsty malicious aura!

"I said I don't have time. Are you deaf?"

At that time, the king replied subconsciously, "Okay, I got it. Now that you don't have time, let's talk about it another day. Well... Well, I'm going back to my room for rest. "

After saying that, the king really wanted to slap himself. He was the king of Country C. How could he be so timid in front of Edgar?

ok He admitted that he was indeed scared. Even as the king of Country C, he was almost scared to have a heart attack because of Edgar. Therefore, he quickly turned around and left the room of Abbott without hesitation.

A few minutes later, Abbott rushed back with a big bag in his hand.

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