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   Chapter 627 Buy A Guarantee For Crystal

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Although Deputy Li had thought that it might be a lie from Edgar, just as what Edgar had said, if they knew that Deputy Li was the cousin mentioned by Chef Wang, why would they wait for him to assassinate Lay! Who would be so stupid to not stop someone who was against him?

Deputy Li was right. These photos were indeed taken by someone sent by Ryan to monitor him. Ryan was very clear that with the current power of Edgar, he would definitely let Crystal take the charge of murder.

It would be best if he could take this opportunity to trip up Edgar and his wife. If not, as the president of the Xia state and the master of the Xia mansion, he must give an explanation to the public about Lay's death.

After all, as the president, he had to be fair and upright in front of everyone. Since the butler of the Xia clan was dead and it was impossible for Edgar and his wife to admit their guilt, in order to give an explanation to the public, Ryan must find a person to pay for it.

And in the end, the only one who took the blame for this matter was Deputy Li.

Deputy Li's eyes were dull and his spirit was not good. He would rather die in the battlefield than take the blame of such unwillingness.

Deputy Li sighed. He had no choice but to do something against his will. Although he was unwilling to be blamed by his boss, he could do nothing.

As a subordinate of the president, what could he do? Could he turn around and question the president? Could he tell the president that he was unwilling to accept it?

No! Even if he said it, so what? Just like the ancient saying, if a king wanted his men to die, how could they not follow?

Seeing that Deputy Li was not in a good mood, Edgar knew that the careless Deputy Li had thought things through.

So Edgar said, "It seems that your president is determined to put you in jail, and he won't let you out. Of course, he didn't expect that my wife would take the initiative to commit the crime of murder, so after you finish the task this time, w

ficult for you. "

After hearing Edgar's words, Deputy Li suddenly felt that he was judging a gentleman with the heart of a villain! He just wanted him to protect his wife.

Deputy Li scratched his hair and said with embarrassment, "well, I'm sorry. I..."

Hearing that, Edgar raised his hand and said, "it doesn't matter. I can understand your worries. I don't mean anything else. I'm just worried that my wife would be bullied in prison. If these photos are lost, Ryan won't do anything to you. You can pretend that you know nothing after you go back.

As for the person who monitored you, I've asked my people to send him back to the White House in my name. Ryan will definitely get even with me. Then you'll be safe and your crisis has been solved. Since he wants you to take the blame for this matter in the future, there's nowhere to do. What do you think! "

Deputy Li made a deep bow to Edgar and said, "thank you for your help, your highness. Don't worry. I won't let Princess Crystal be bullied in prison! "

With the promise of Deputy Li, Edgar was relieved. The reason why he did so was to buy a guarantee for Crystal. If Ryan knew that Crystal was in prison, he would definitely be aware that he might do something to Crystal in prison. Therefore, he removed a worry for Deputy Li and helped Crystal at the same time.

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