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   Chapter 626 experience prison life!

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Sighing, Edgar rubbed Crystal's hair and said, "silly girl, let me tell you. I agree with your plan this time, but you must be careful. After all, there would be evil in the prison. Although you can protect yourself with your current skills, you have to be careful all the time, okay? "

Said Edgar, rubbing her hair like an elder.

Crystal curled her lips and giggled, "Okay, I know. Don't nag me like my mom!"

Crystal knew what he said was right, so she didn't dare to refute Edgar's word.

At the same time, she also felt very happy in her heart, because in this world, there was a man who loved her and was willing to accommodate her. She really felt happy.

Crystal and Edgar were talking upstairs for a while. They didn't go downstairs until Deputy Li, who was waiting downstairs, was a little anxious and was about to go upstairs to have a look. Then Crystal and Edgar went downstairs.

Deputy Li breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. Fortunately, he finally fulfilled the task assigned by the president.

However, when Edgar went downstairs, he was in a bad mood. It would be a lie if he said he didn't mind it. Crystal always made decisions on her own so rashly. How could he not be angry?

However, no matter how angry he was, he had agreed to her decision. Could he go back on his words?

Therefore, Edgar was in a bad mood at the moment. Then he went downstairs with Crystal.

Seeing that Deputy Li's subordinate was about to take out the handcuffs and come over, Edgar shouted, "stop! What the hell are you doing? "

Edgar's eyes were cold and bloodthirsty, which made the two soldiers shiver with fear.

No only the two soldiers who were afraid of such a mad man, even the their commander, Deputy Li, feared him a bit.

Deputy Li stuttered, "Your Highness, we are also doing our job. What do you think Could you please cooperate with us as much as possible! "

With a cold glance at Deputy Li, Edgar said, "since my wife wants to visit the prison in your country and try to experience the life of the down-and-out, it's okay. I would allow as sh

ay, so he had no reason to come here and arrest him. However, he was afraid that Lay would reveal his secret. Therefore, he sent you to assassinate Lay and tried to frame us for [his death. It's not a big deal. After all, the struggle between me and Ryan should be like this, but you are different. You work for him, and you are loyal to him. But what do you gain in return?

Do you think it's worthy for you to claim your pledge to him? He is going to kill you to keep your mouth shut. Deputy Li, you are a loyal man around working for Ryan for so many years. For his selfishness, Ryan doesn't care about what you have done for the whole state for so many years. Do you think he is qualified enough to be your boss? "

It seemed that Deputy Li turned pale when he heard that. It would be a lie if he was not mad at it.

He had been working for Ryan for more than ten years. He had always been hardworking all the time. Where there was a battle, he was the first one to ask for an order to make contributions for the country, to defend the Xia state, and protect the president. But what did he get in return?

Ryan asked him to kill Lay for him, but now he wanted to kill him to keep his mouth shut.

Although he had thought that the president might do this to him, he still felt heartbroken when knowing the truth. he felt sorry for himself and felt sorry for all his dedication!

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