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   Chapter 624 Crystal, Do You Know What You Are Taking About

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A trace of guilt flashed through the eyes of Deputy Li, but he said sarcastically on the surface, "How is that possible? There is no one else present except Prince Zach. Even if Prince Zach want to argue, he has to find a convincing reason!"

In the eyes of Deputy Li, he didn't like Prince Zach of Country C. The Xia state was right under his feet, but Prince Zach were arrogant everywhere? He was just a prince of Country C.

Edgar sneered, "Since you insist that we killed Lay, forget it. I, Prince Zach, just hurt him by accident because I don't like Lay. If you have to go through the process, it's not impossible. Later, I will ask my lawyer to contact you!"

Deputy Li scratched his head and said, "But..."

With a wave of his hand, Edgar signaled Leo to hand over Lay's corpse to the person of the Deputy Li. He said, "There's nothing to worry about. Deputy Li, I've handed over Lay's corpse to you. You can take it back to bury or dig it. Anyway, if you need to go through any procedures, just contact my lawyer. You don't need to inform me!"

Edgar was very clear that the person who assassinated Lay must be someone from Ryan. Coincidentally, at this time, Paul rushed up with his people. He just wanted to catch a rat in the jar and frame them for murder. How could he let them go!

Edgar was so powerful that Deputy Li was at a loss.

At the same time, Deputy Li was also very anxious. After all, everything went well according to the plan.

However, he had never expected that Prince Zach would be so arrogant.

Just when Deputy Li didn't know what to do, Edgar was about to leave with Crystal.

Suddenly, Crystal turned around and said something to Deputy Li, which shocked everyone present.

"I killed Lay. I'll go with you!"

Everyone was shocked and looked at Crystal in disbelief.

At that time, Edgar thought it was an illusion. He turned his head mechanically and looked at Crystal in disbeli

t of running away. You can go downstairs and wait for me! You don't want to be like this all the time, do you?"

Deputy Li thought what Crystal said was reasonable. Judging from the attitude of Prince Zach in front of him, it was impossible for him to take them away. It was better to ask Princess Crystal' to help persuade him.

So Deputy Li nodded and said, "Okay!"

Then Deputy Li asked his men to leave with Lay's body, and he turned around and waited downstairs with two people.

He believed that since Princess Crystal' dared to bear the crime of murder themselves, she would definitely keep her words.

In fact, Deputy Li couldn't bear to let Leo take an innocent person back, but he had to do as their master ordered.

Although he knew that Crystal was innocent, he had no choice. After all, this couple had offended the people they shouldn't have offended in the Xia state!

Seeing Deputy Li left with his men, Edgar beckoned Leo and the others to go downstairs as well.

Although Leo and the others were also confused why Crystal was willing to bear the crime of murder, they didn't dare to ask anything on the surface.

After all, it was hard for them to say anything about master.

After a while, there were only two people left upstairs, Crystal and Edgar.

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