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   Chapter 622 almost!

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Crystal took out the necklace that Brent gave her in front of Lay.

Lay was not very old, but he had a bad eyesight. When Crystal put the necklace in front of him, he didn't notice anything special. It was just a necklace.

However, when Lay reached out to pick up the necklace and looked at it carefully, he suddenly stood up, his hands trembling, and looked at Crystal in shock. "You!!!! What's your relationship with Griffith? "

Crystal stood up and grabbed the necklace from Lay's hand. Then she put it on her neck and sat down. In a surprisingly calm voice, she asked, "you mean the daughter of the Xia clan, Griffith?"

Lay clutched the corner of the table. His voice trembled and seemed to be a little excited. He said, "yes, yes, I'm talking about Miss Griffith. What's your relationship with Miss Griffith?"

Instead of answering Lay's question directly, Crystal looked at Lay indifferently and smiled, "Mr. Lay, why are you so excited?"

Lay was indeed very excited. He said, "no, you tell me first, who the hell are you? What's your relationship with Griffith? "

Lay was also excited and shocked. On the contrary, Crystal was calm. Crystal slowly took a sip of coffee and put it down. Then she said, "judging from your expression, you should know Miss Griffith very well. Since you know her well, you will naturally know that she had a daughter back then. Her name is Ivy, right?"

Astonishment was shown all over Lay's face. He exclaimed, "you you are.... you are Ivy? "

Crystal sneered, "what's the matter? Does it shock you, Mr. Lay? "

Lay was so excited that he didn't know where to put his hands. He sat down and said, "you Are you really Ivy]? "

Crystal ignored Lay's excitement. Although Crystal wondered why Lay was so excited when he knew her real identity? Instead of shock and fear?

However, Crystal still looked indifferent. It was hard to guess what she was thinking.

Crystal sai

the surface, when Ryan calmed down, he would think of it soon. In fact, their purpose was Lay, the Butler who had been working for him for so many years.

Thinking of this, he would definitely send people to assassinate Lay.

However, Edgar was worried about Crystal now. After looking at Crystal up and down, he found that Crystal was not hurt. He breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, Edgar ordered Leo to put Lay down. Then, he walked forward and took a look at Lay's wound. He stood up, held Crystal's hands and said, "calm down, Crystal. Listen to me, we can't take him back to the basement!"

Confused, Crystal looked at Edgar and asked, "why? Lay can't die now, and I haven't got any information yet. !"

Edgar interrupted Crystal patiently, "Crystal, listen to me. We should have guessed who killed Lay. Since he could find us here, it is obvious that his people are watching us nearby. If you take Lay back to the basement now, you will only expose your identity as the leader of the Dark Shadow, and our men will also be noticed by him.

At that time, he will have a better reason to kill us, so we can't act rashly now! "

Crystal lowered her eyes and was not reconciled. "Then you can't do anything now and see him dying in vain? He almost told me what he knew! "

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