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   Chapter 621 silly girl!

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Crystal sighed! She'd better figure out an excuse to drive Edgar away. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to get any information today.

So, Crystal turned around and smiled at Edgar, "honey, I'm thirsty!"

Edgar handed the coffee to Crystal] indifferently and said, "here's coffee!"

Crystal curled her lips and said, "honey, I'm hungry!"

Ignoring the warning in her eyes, Edgar said on purpose, "you can have a taste of the cake here later. I heard that the cakes here taste good!"

Crystal kicked Edgar under the table and said, "honey, I want to eat the roast duck sold by the restaurant opposite!"

Hearing that, Edgar stretched out his hand to lift up Crystal's thigh and said lazily, "it's too greasy. It's not suitable for dinner!"

Crystal grabbed Edgar]'s hands and said, "then I want to eat some light food. Go and buy some for me! "

Edgar withdrew his hand and held Crystal's. He shouted at Leo, "Leo, go buy some light food for my wife!"

Leo wanted to say domineeringly, "no, I won't. light food? What the hell was that? Light food?

However, Leo] was just dreaming of it in his mind. How could he dare to say no!

Even Leo knew that Crystal was trying to drive Edgar away with an excuse, but today it seemed that Edgar was just out of his mind! While worrying, Leo wondered when his boss became so dull?

If Edgar had known that Leo had such an idea, he would have kicked Leo away. Edgar had deemed himself as a brilliant gentleman. Of course he could figure out what was on Crystal's mind. How could it be possible for him to miss her real intention?

Of course, he knew that Crystal wanted to send him away, but he was afraid that the old man in front of him would do something bad to Crystal!

ok He admitted that with Crystal's skills, an old man like Lay would not pose any threat to Crystal. It was just that he remembered that when he was in the white hou

is not here, but you still try to tantalize me. You are so cunning!"

Lay shook his head and said, "Miss Crystal, I'm not tantalizing you. I know what happened in the Xia clan back then is not only related to my life, but also the whole country. So I have to be cautious!"

Hearing this, Crystal laughed as if she had heard a funny joke. She covered her mouth and said, "Wow, I didn't realize that you are a patriot. Since you are so patriotic, why did you betray Ryan! It was so ridiculous! I was almost laughed to death! "

Crystal didn't believe that a person who could lay hands on her adopted daughter, a person who was willing to betray his boss, could be a patriot!

Lay shook his head and said, "no, Miss Crystal, you're wrong. I'm not a patriot. I just care about my own life. Once I tell you, I may die halfway before I leave the Xia state. Of course, I believe that the men of your husband can protect me..."

Crystal smiled, "does it have anything to do with my real identity?"

Lay blurted out, "of course. I'm afraid if you have pledged loyalty to Mrs. Judy!"

Crystal sneered, "Mrs. Judy? Mr. Lay, you are really imaginative! How can I work for her? Since you want to know who I am? Anyway, we are partners now. It's okay to tell you! "

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