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   Chapter 620 Should I Tell you

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Master Wang responded with a smile. Maybe the owner of the coffee shop was too happy to notice the light in his eyes.

Master Wang was very efficient. A few minutes later, a man in black sportswear walked in from the back door. The man was tall, with a straight back, a pair of sunglasses and a mask on his mouth.

After introducing to each other, Master Wang left from the back door for a rest.

Although the owner of the coffee shop was curious about the man's dressing.

However, since it was master Wang who introduced him, he couldn't say anything. In addition, the man was really good at making cakes. The cakes he made were really as good as Master Wang's, which made the owner of the coffee shop very happy.

At the same time, in a private room upstairs, Crystal and Edgar sat opposite to Lay, with a cup of ordinary coffee in front of each of them.

Leaning back lazily, Edgar picked up the magazine on the table and read it leisurely.

At this moment, Crystal was sitting next to Edgar. She stirred the coffee with one hand, looked up at Lay and asked, "Butler, I asked you out today here just to let you tell me the details of the fire in the Xia Clan twenty years ago!"

Lay had kept his head down, because Prince Zach of C country were sitting opposite him. He was so scared by the aura of Prince Zach that he didn't dare to look up.

However, when he suddenly heard Crystal mention what happened twenty years ago, he was shocked. He looked up at Crystal as if he had heard an illusion. He asked, "What did you say?"

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Crystal said word by word, "I want you to tell me the details of the fire in the Xia Clan twenty years ago!"

[范磊] couldn't help but move his hand under the table. He looked a little flustered and said, "I'm sorry. I wasn't in the Xia clan twenty years ago. I became the Butler ten years ago. I don't know I know nothing!"

Slap! Edgar closed the book in his hand and put it on the tab

uldn't have colluded with others to make trouble at Adam's wedding.

Lay lowered his head and rubbed his hands under the table. He was thinking about it.

It had to be said that the temptation given by Crystal was really great, but he also participated in the matter at that time. If he really told Crystal, then he would have one more sin.

However, on a second thought, Lay thought that he might continue to stay in the Xia state, let alone return to the Xia Clan. Therefore, there were some things that he needed to hide for Ryan?

Even if what happened in the past, he still had a part. But now it had been so long, who would pursue it?

But to Lay's surprise is why did Crystal ask this question?

Judging from Crystal's age, Crystal might be a little girl twenty years ago. Then why was he interested in what happened that year!

Lay frowned and took a careful look at Edgar. Then he turned to Crystal and asked, "You 'Who is you? Why are you so interested in the matters of the Xia Clan?"

At this time, Edgar knocked heavily on the table and said coldly, "Do you need to know that?"

Lay was so scared that he lowered his head and shook his head. "No No need!"

Sitting next to them, Crystal took a look at Lay, who was so afraid of Edgar, and then looked at Edgar, who looked indifferent.

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