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   Chapter 619 scheme!

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Hiding in the car, Lay kept trembling. He didn't dare to look at Edgar straight in his eyes.

In fact, when Crystal got off the car, Lay saw Edgar standing behind Crystal.

At that time, he really wanted to cry. A second ago, he was so excited that he thought he could take a ship out of the country soon, but now, he felt himself so miserable that he met Edgar here!

He was now so close to death! Everyone knew Edgar was a tough guy. He had drowned all the people who had offended him into the sea And he was the person who set up his wife, he would die more miserably for that!

Lay grabbed the seat tightly and didn't want to get off. He was so scared that his feet went numb. But he couldn't say that he didn't want to get off at all.

Seeing that Lay was trembling all over, Edgar sneered, "it seems that Mr. Lay really wants me to pick you up in person!"

Lay shook his head and said, "no, no, no!"

Hearing that, Edgar] turned around and ignored Lay. With a wave of his hand, Edgar said to Leo standing behind him, "come on, please get the Butler out of the car and invite him to the cafe!"

"Yes, sir!"

Although Edgar used the word 'invite', Leo still kicked Lay out of the car expressionlessly.

Holding Lay's hand, Leo walked coldly into the cafe following Edgar and Crystal.

It was eight or nine o'clock in the evening. Normally, the cafe should be at its peak hour at the moment, but at this time, there was no even a guest in it. Elegant music was still lingering, and the owner of the cafe was standing respectfully at the door.

Holding Crystal in his arms, Edgar walked in slowly. The owner of the cafe quickly opened the door respectfully and greeted with a smile, "Your Highness!"

Without even giving the owner a glance, Edgar said coldly, "do you know what to do, right?"

The owner of the coffee shop nodded repeatedly and said, "yes, I got it. I'll serve you cakes and coffee now! "

Glancing at the hall lazily, Edgar asked coldly, "You just want us to take the seats here?"

The owner nodded and said, "yes!

Then he suddenly felt I said the wrong thing. He shook his head immediately and de

ry anxious. He helped Chef Wang sit on the chair and said with concern, "Chef Wang, how about I take you to the hospital?"

Chef Wang clapped his hands, covered his stomach and said, "I It's a relapsing disease. I don't need to go to the hospital for that. I'll take some pain killers and go back to have a rest. Then I could recover. "

The owner breathed a sigh of relief.

However, on second thought, if Chef Wang went back to have a rest at the critical moment, it would be a doom for him.

The Prince was waiting for him to serve the cake! What should he do? What should he do!

The owner hurried back and forth. Seeing the worried look on his face, Chef Wang asked, "boss, what the matter?"

The owner sighed and told him everything that the Prince had just order him.

After hearing this, Chef Wang comforted the owner and said, "it doesn't matter. I have a cousin who is also a pastry chef. He is also adroit in making cake just as me. I will call him for help!"

The owner was excited to hear that. "Really? That's great! Thank you so much! "

Chef Wang shook his hand weakly and said, "Don't mention it, boss. I'm just helping myself. I need to ask for a day off today, and I'll ask my cousin to help me. In this way, you won't deduct my salary, will you?"

Chef Wang and the owner ended the conversation half jokingly.

The owner of the cafe was happy and even praised Chef Wang for his dedication.

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