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   Chapter 617 The Plan Succeeded!

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A hint of impatience flashed through Ryan's eyes. He said, "All right, all right. Mom, why are you coming to me today? I'm still busy!"

Mrs. Judy restrained her anger. Although she didn't get along well with her adopted son, they had to go through some things on the surface, for the reputation of the Xia Clan and for their future.

After the fire in the Xia Clan, their precious daughter disappeared and hadn't been found back yet, although they still had the property that their daughter deserved.

But now they were getting old day by day. Who knew that they would be incurably ill one day? Therefore, for the time being, their relationship with their adopted son, Ryan, would not be too stiff.

So, after Mrs. Judy withdrew her anger, she looked at Ryan calmly and asked, "Ryan, who on earth is Crystal? Why are you always against her?"

Ryan said to Mrs. Judy, "Mom, why are you so nosy? Fine, fine! Let me tell you the truth! What about her? She just offended me before!"

Mrs. Xia ignored the disdain in Ryan's eyes. Anyway, Mrs. Judy was used to the way she got along with Ryan, so she didn't care anymore.

Back then, they took Ryan back from the orphanage and raised him as their own son. They thought it didn't matter if he was not related by blood. Anyway, he was raised by them, so he was no different from their own son.

However, to their surprise, the white eyed wolf was always a white eyed wolf and could not be raised well.

In the past, Ryan was really filial to the two of them. But when Ryan knew that he was not their biological son, he didn't expect that he would change a lot to the two of them.

Later, after that incident, the relationship between Ryan and the two of them had become like this. Even if the other party was dead, he would not shed tears.

Even though they didn't get along well with each other, Ryan's adoptive father knew what kind of person Ryan was. How could he l

nd of the phone. She said in a delicate voice, "Honey, why do you come to see me? You haven't been here for a long time. I remember you!"

Hearing the woman's voice, Ryan's stomach tightened and her breath became heavier. "Baby, I miss you too. Where are you?"

The woman's voice was softer, "In our house!"

Ryan looked up at his watch and said, "Wait a minute. I'll ask the driver to pick you up!"

The woman was stunned, but she quickly reacted and exclaimed, "Honey, you Did you agree to let me go to see you? Aren't you afraid..."

The woman said in a joyful voice.

Ryan smiled and said, "What are you afraid of? You are pregnant with my child, and I am single now. There is nothing to be afraid of when we are together aboveboard!"

The woman on the other end of the phone kissed the phone happily and said, "Thank you, honey. I'll prepare it right away!"

In a good mood, Ryan smiled and said, "Okay!"

Then, Ryan hung up the phone and went downstairs.

On the other side, after the woman hung up the phone, the smile on her face disappeared. She stood up and walked to the bedroom, came to the safe, squatted down, opened the safe, and took out an old NOKIA. She skillfully pressed a number. When the phone was connected, she said, "The plan is successful!"

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