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   Chapter 616 who on earth is Crystal

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However, Deputy Li dared not ask Ryan the questions about his doubts.

So he turned around and did as Ryan said.

However, he suddenly had a plan of retirement.

Looking at the back of Deputy Li and his men, all the unhappiness Ryan felt on this day disappeared.

Humph! He is the biggest king of the Xia state. Edgar and Crystal are just some arrogant idiots. How dare they offend his majesty!

Ryan didn't believe that a fake prince of Country C could defeat him.

Withdrawing his thoughts, Ryan turned around and walked into the inner hall of the White House. Then he went upstairs to his office.

As soon as he sat down, he saw Mrs. Judy standing at the door.

"Mom, what are you doing here?"

Mrs. Judy was wearing a black leather overcoat with a noble and elegant brooch on her chest. Although Mrs. Judy was already an old lady in her seventies.

But she attached great importance to skin care very much. Her face was ruddy. Although the skin on her face was not as smooth as that of a young girl, she looked much younger than her peers.

Mrs. Judy looked at Ryan up and down with her sharp eyes and said, "well, there is no outsider here. Stop disguising!"

Ryan's face darkened at once. He stopped, turned around and sat back at his desk.

"What are you doing here? Just to visit your son? "

Mrs. Judy closed the door and said sarcastically, "Well, you still address me mother? What a surprise! "

It was said that Ryan was an gentle and filial man. And Mrs. Judy spoiled him since his childhood, but who knew that in fact, Ryan and Mrs. Judy had long been at odds with each other. Although they were mother and son, they were comparable to enemies! The animosity between them had rested for a long time.

The shares and assets of Mrs. Judy were deterrent to Ryan, while the military power and properties of Ryan were also something that Mrs. Judy dared not look down upon.

They usually pretended to be intimate like mother and son, but in the family, they always fought against each other.

fter the fire accident that year, you directly announced her death regardless of rescue. What was your intention? Don't you think we can't notice your scheme?

We have always treated you as a real child of the Xia clan, and Griffith has always treated you as her real brother.

And you not only want to use her to achieve your private desires, but also to hook up with her best friend and hurt Griffith in various ways. Ryan, do you really think that your old man and I don't know what you have done these years?

Ryan, do you know that for so many years, we have been tolerating what you have done in the Xia clan, it was all because Griffith had begged us for not punishing you. She has always told us that although you are not her real brother, she still regards you as her closest family member even if you are not related to her by blood. And what Griffith wants most is a united family.

Therefore, no evil things what you have done in the Xia clan, we can still forgive you. Over the years, your father has handed over the whole family to you, but we still keep the part of property that should belong to Griffith. We believe that even if we can't have Griffith back, we could still manage to find her daughter. Therefore, you are not qualified to get the rest of the property, and there is no legitimate reason for you to take it away! "

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