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   Chapter 615 are you all silly Get out of my way!

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The guests didn't move aside. They were still standing there like idiots.

At this time, Edgar was angry. A hint of coldness flashed through the corners of his eyes. He said coldly to the guests, "are you all deaf? Get out of the way! "

Hearing his roar, all the guests who were still standing beside the door, as well as the mourning people brought by Lay, were frightened and quickly made way for Lay.

Therefore, Lay smoothly took Crystal out of the White House.

Edgar and the others followed him out.

Some of the other guests were still watching, and some hurried to escape from the venue. Anyway, as soon as the door of the White House opened, most of the guests ran out.

While the rest of them continued to watch.

Lay took Crystal into the car. Lay was afraid that Crystal would go back on her word, so he ordered Crystal to drive him to the airport.

Edgar then watched Lay leave with Crystal in the car.

Everyone saw that Prince Zach in front of them could only watch the culprit abduct his wife and leave, but he was indifferent. It was so strange!

Even Ryan felt something wrong. He thought, 'doesn't Edgar worry about Crystal at all when he sees her being abducted?

no That was too weird! That was so abnormal!

All of a sudden, a possibility came to Ryan's mind. He turned around and ordered, "hurry up. Go to every intersection to intercept Lay. Don't let him run away !"

Before Ryan could finish his words, Edgar turned around and interrupted coldly, "No!"

Deputy Li rolled his eyes at Edgar, and his thought was, "humph, I won't listen to you!

Ignoring the silly look of Deputy Li, Edgar raised his hand and said to Leo, "Leo, look carefully. Whoever wants to chase after Lay, just shoot them!"

Hearing this, Ryan said angrily, "Prince Zach, how dare you "

Turning his back to Ryan, Edgar said coldly, "I'm going to get my wife back now. Mr. President, if you still want your men to follow me, Don't blame me for killing them all. Lay is now my target. If he dares to kidnap my wife, I will kill him directly without the h

d said, "yes sir!"

Although Deputy Li was not that smart, he was not an idiot. He might not understand what his boss meant at the first time, but he understood his real intention now.

He got it because he understood that Ryan indicated that what they were doing now was to hunt a dangerous criminal, and it was his right to shoot Lay once he resisted with the excuse of self defense.

But what Ryan meant was that he needed to kill both Lay and Princess Crystal.

At that time, all the charges could be shifted to the suspect, Lay.

After figuring it out, Deputy Li felt a little scared. He was not afraid of killing people. He had killed a lot of enemies in the battlefield, but here was not that battlefield. It was not a political scheme.

He had already known his boss' big secret. He was really afraid that Ryan would kill him to keep the secret.

At the same time, Deputy Li had a new opinion of the president. It was once reported that Ryan was a kind, gentle and impartial president.

Because of it, Deputy Li had admired Ryan since he joined the army. It was said that the president was a good man and a merciful president worthy of admiration. The reason why he joined the army was to make a contribution to the country. He used his own strength to protect the country and his family. He would be willing to sacrifice for justice and would never bow to evil.

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