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   Chapter 614 if you want to live, just listen to me!

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A hint of impatience flashed through Crystal's eyes. She said coldly, "don't you want to leave here? Stop talking nonsense. If you want to live, just listen to me! "

Two minutes later

"Back off! Hurry up, or I'll kill her!"

Lay held the dagger against Crystal's neck, and all this happened all of a sudden. Leo, who was closest to Crystal, wanted to save her, but was stopped by a hint from Crystal.

Although Leo was confused and didn't know what Crystal was doing, Leo still did as Crystal hinted. He didn't move!

Although Leo didn't take action, Edgar, who was sitting not far away, was not as calm as before.

"Bang!" the teacup in Edgar's hand fell to the ground. He stood up, turned around and walked quickly towards them.

"Let her go!"

Edgar's voice was very cold, and the anger at the corners of his eyes was obviously visible. He gave off a bloodthirsty aura.

At that time, Lay was so scared that his hands trembled.

As he trembled, he accidentally cut a small wound on Crystal's neck with the dagger.

Crystal felt a chill and cursed in her heart, 'fuck! Can you stop trembling!'!

At this moment, Edgar was overwhelmed with the rage that he really wanted to kill lay immediately, then he shouted, "let her go!"

This accident happened so suddenly that both Abbott and the king of Country C, and even Ryan all collected themselves after they were stunned by the shock.

Holding a chair in his hand, Abbott was really afraid that he would throw it over on Lay because of rage. Was that bastard insane? How dare he threaten his sister-in-law?

The king stopped Abbott in a hurry and said, "what are you doing? Don't be impulsive. You brat, put it down, put it down! "

A murderous look flashed across Edgar's eyes. He looked at Lay coldly and said, "tell me, what do you want?"

On the contrary, Edgar was not as angry as he had been a moment ago. Because Edgar had noticed something. Yes, he had seen Crystal winking at him.

So he guessed that Crystal did it for a purpose. In combination with the fact that Crystal had asked Douglas to investigate Lay a few days ago.

Therefore, Edgar kn

etreated quickly. While stepping back, he said to Edgar and others, "no Don't follow me! Throw the suitcase into the car! "

Leo took a look at Edgar and Edgar nodded.

Then, Leo closed the suitcase, walked out and threw the suitcase into the car. Then he returned.

Lowering his head with a dagger, Lay said to the guests, "get out of the way. If you don't want her to die, just let me go!"

The guests didn't move, not because they wanted to, but because they were completely dumbfounded!

yes! They just couldn't believe their eyes! Wow It was more thrilling than watching horror movies.

... Was it because they were too heartless? Stop kidding!

Among these people, except for Edgar, Abbott, the king of Country C and Ryan, all the guests present were just watching.

Even Princess Crystal was under attack. There was nothing to do with them. What's more, they could have left early. After the banquet, they would go shopping, go to the party and wherever they wanted.

However, Prince Zach had locked them in the venue for a long time. From noon to afternoon, and then to evening, they really wanted to resist, but they were afraid that Prince Zach would be enraged, so they dared not speak or move.

It was none of their business whether Princess Crystal could be rescued safely or the butler could leave as he wished. Some guests even gloated over the accident that Princess Crystal was threatened.

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