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   Chapter 613 A Great World Without Omission!

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Lay froze and stared at Crystal in shock. "You..."

Crystal put the dagger on Lay's face and patted him two times. She said, "Lay, don't think that no one knows what you have done. Today I'm in a good mood and because you're old. I can't help but advise you to choose a smart man next time. Don't always imagine that he can help you escape after you poison someone to death.

When you killed your adopted daughter, you had already stepped into the coffin. Oh, by the way, do you really think that your so-called master can save you and the sea of fire! Don't be silly. You have killed someone. How could she save you?"

At this time, Lay's mouth was a little relaxed. He shook his head and said, "No No, he said he would help me settle down in the United States and let me become an American citizen. He will take care of everything and won't get me involved!"

Hearing this, Crystal smiled and said, "Lay, you're getting old. Don't you know how capable the people behind you are to send you to America safe and sound? Don't dream about it. Even if Ryan wants to protect you, he can't be so capable to let a murderer from the Xia state escape to the United States and settle down in the United States and become a citizen of the United States.

Do you know the law? The first thing you do after you emigrated to the United States is that the person involved has a clean background and lives in the United States. In addition to all kinds of certificates, the most important thing is to go to the local civil affairs bureau to apply for a file. Do you think all the people in the Civil Affairs Bureau are idiots? Would they let a murderer open an account in their bureau?

And how capable your master is to control the government?

Lay, don't you know whether that person is cooperating with you or sending you to death?"

After Lay heard what Crystal said, he completely fell to the ground. Crystal was right. He had become a murderer now. As long as Professor Jordan took the residue in

oman like Crystal would like to give all she had to the poor, and to those hearts that were not as good as theirs. In this way, she could show her noble, noble and upright, and also show her sense of superiority.

Therefore, Lay thought that at this time, Crystal said that she helped him must be out of vanity.

Anyway, no matter what Crystal thought, since Crystal wanted to help him, he would naturally welcome her and cooperate well.

Therefore, Lay put down his guard and hurriedly said, "You How can you help me?"

At this moment, Crystal stood half squatting. Although she was a little tired, in the eyes of outsiders, she just wanted to kill Lay.

As for the conversation between him and Lay, no one could hear it except Leo.

Because Leo was the closest to her, and the others only saw her back as she wanted to kill Lay. He couldn't hear what she had said to Lay!

Crystal withdrew her thoughts and said indifferently, "Abduct me!"

Lay was stunned. "You ?"

Crystal, "Cut the crap. I'll let you use the dagger in my hand You are holding me hostage!"

Lay didn't seem to hear it clearly. He asked again, "You You want me to Hostage you!"

Crystal didn't want to talk to him anymore. She had stayed here for too long. She was afraid that those people would suspect her if she stayed here for too long.

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