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   Chapter 576 My Wife Is So Charming!

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Therefore, with the previous example of Sheena, no matter how crazy she treated to Crystal, no one would doubt her but think she was crazy about Crystal.

Of course, Edgar admitted that it was a little unkind for him to use Abbott in this way, but he was also very clear that with the strength of Abbott, he would never suffer any loss. Moreover, there was the king of Country C and the bodyguards in the hospital. Were they all furnishings? Would they let a madman go crazy?

Hearing that, Edgar stopped thinking and was curious about what Crystal had said. He rubbed Crystal's nose dotingly and said with a smile, "Oh, really? It means that my wife is very charming. Not only men like her, but even women can't resist her charm!"

Crystal chuckled, reached out and pinched Edgar's cheek. "Who believes such a lame word?"

Edgar shook off Crystal's hand and held it in his hand. He teased, "As long as my wife believes it, that is ok!"

Crystal rolled her eyes at Edgar and said, "Humph! Do you think your wife is an idiot? Will I believe it?"

Reaching out his hand and scratching Crystal's chest, Edgar said with a snicker, "it doesn't matter if you don't believe me. I'll make sure that you can conquer me in a second with your great charm!"

Crystal pushed away Edgar's hand and said, "Don't be naughty, honey. To be honest, don't you think the matter of Sheena is very strange? "

A weird smile appeared on the corner of Edgar's mouth. He smiled meaningfully and said, "What's so strange? A madman can become so obedient overnight. He beats and kicks other women, but only has a crush on you. Honey, do you believe it's a coincidence?"

Crystal shook her head and said, "Coincidence? If there were too many coincidences in this world, they must be man-made! But I don't know who helped us behind all this."

Playing with Crystal's long hair, Edgar sneered, "Help us? No, he just wants us to be his cannon fodder. He's not helping us. He's helping himself, not to mention helping us!"

Reminded by Edgar, Crystal suddenly thought of a man. She frowned and asked, "Is he the

Honey, the king of Country C had been in the army when he was young, and he was not bad in character. However, since he became the king of Country C, he had been cultivated by the royal family and aristocrats, so he was naturally a little scheming. However, he is different from winter dragon. Since he took office, the country has been peaceful and the people live and work in peace. Sometimes, he even holds charity from time to time to help the refugees. He is a good King... "

Before Edgar could finish his words, Crystal covered his mouth with her hand and interrupted him, "well, don't worry. I won't do anything to him. I just want to teach him a lesson!"

In fact, as for the king of Country C, even if Edgar didn't tell her, Crystal could see that there were one or two of them!

Although the king of Country C was not very kind to Sheena, after all, she was not his biological daughter, Crystal could see that the king of Country C was really good to her.

At least when the king of Country C got along with Gavin, the king of Country C never put on airs as a king, but a good father.

From this point, it could tell Crystal that the king of Country C was not bad.

However, the king of Country C was scheming against them. How could Crystal be indifferent to this matter!

Then Crystal took out her phone and dialed Toby's number.

"Toby, go and do something for me !"

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