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   Chapter 575 Cherish Your Happiness!

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Originally, the king of Country C thought that if he could think of this, his son, Abbott, would also think of it.

However, to his surprise, the next moment, Abbott said, "What a pity It's too late!"

In Country C, there was a slight daze. He asked suspiciously, "What is it too late?"

Abbott touched his nose and said, "Well I'm already involved in their affairs, and..."

Two minutes later

"You brat, I must beat you to death. Stop Stop !"

At the same time, Crystal, who had just woken up, got out of bed and put on her shoes in a white silk pajama. When she walked to the outer hall, she saw a familiar figure busy in the kitchen.

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Crystal walked over gently and hugged the figure.

Hearing that, Edgar turned his head and greeted with a smile, "Good morning, honey. Are you hungry?"

Crystal held Edgar tightly, tilted her head and looked at Edgar's handsome face. She smiled, "Good morning, honey!"

At this moment, Crystal felt that she was the happiest woman in the world. With such a handsome and capable husband, Crystal believed that she must cherish such happiness.

When she didn't lose him, she didn't know how to cherish him at all. Crystal really felt the feeling of losing and regaining him.

At that time, outside the operating room, she kept telling herself not to think too much. Her husband must be fine.

However, no one knew how scared she was. She was really afraid. She was afraid that she would not see him again, and that she would lose him again.

It was not until she entered the ICU and saw him and felt his heartbeat that Crystal felt her heart come back to life.

Therefore, at this moment, holding him tightly and leaning against his back, she felt that his breath was really a kind of happiness for Crystal.

Edgar cooked an appetizer for Crystal and bought some steamed buns from the outside. However, he didn't take them up in a hurry. Instead, he turned around, held Crystal in his arms and handed a glass of light salt water to


Crystal rubbed her chin thoughtfully, shook her head and said, "I don't know. That day, I one hundred percent guarantee that Sheena was indeed crazy. But today when I went to see her, she actually had a good impression on me and stuck to me. This makes me very confused. According to the scene that day, Sheena would definitely see me after she saw me. They also hit me or were afraid of me.

But today, I found that she was not afraid of me, and she liked me very much. She was obedient to me. I always felt that something was wrong.

In fact, the reason why Edgar asked Abbott to visit her was that he wanted to persuade his father to let the wedding of Sheena and Adam be held as scheduled, and he also wanted to prove that Crystal was innocent.

It was because of Crystal's death that Sheena was scared mad. If Sheena saw Crystal again, she would definitely be afraid of Crystal, or fight, shout, or abuse her.

If Crystal was unusual in front of everyone, it was inevitable to make people suspect Crystal.

That's why Edgar asked Abbott to go to the hospital to visit Sheena first. However, that day, Edgar inadvertently sprayed a colorless and odorless drug on her body.

The potion was only aimed at Sheena, which made her hallucinate and reappear what had happened that night. That was why Sheena regarded her as dead Crystal.

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