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   Chapter 556 Make Your Own Choice!

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Seeing Riley strangled by her own hands and seeing herself like this, did Crystal hate herself? No! But she didn't like it.

She could only say that she was numb. Yes! She was just numb!

In fact, Crystal had thought about it. If Riley really chose to let go of her, she would not choose to kill him, on the contrary, she would protect him well. After all, if Sheena went crazy, maybe even Riley Sheena would not let him go.

However, Riley chose to be her enemy, so Crystal would not be soft on him.

In fact, Crystal had thought about letting Riley taste the poison made by herself. But in the end, Crystal gave up the idea.

Crystal didn't want to be like this. She could pay him back in person, but she could feel that Riley really regretted in the end.

Therefore, Crystal didn't want Riley to go as she had said before. She couldn't let him go, because it was not the right time for Riley to regret, but Crystal could make him less painful!

It was said that opportunities were given by others, but Crystal felt that opportunities were gained by herself. If she didn't cherish what she missed, not only opportunities, but also her whole life!

Crystal had asked her people to investigate Doctor Li. Although he was not a good man, he valued his medical skills very much and enjoyed the sense of achievement of using his hands to compete with Yama.

However, he chose a path that he would never return. He chose a path that would make him regret for the rest of his life, but there was a path that could not be reborn!

Crystal closed her eyes and sighed, "Do you think I'm ruthless?"

Standing next to Crystal, Angela was a little stunned, but so

m was soundproof, and even the bathroom was decorated in the same way.

Therefore, it was useless for Sheena to shout loudly!

Crystal picked her ear and said sarcastically, "Your Highness, just scream, but no one outside will hear you!"

Pointing at Crystal angrily, Sheena asked, "Did you kill him? Did you kill Doctor Li?"

Crystal shrugged, spread out her hands and said, "What do you think?"

Sheena said, "I... You!

Abbott really didn't understand. It was killed by Crystal in reality, but the expression on Crystal's face was still so calm and shocked. Wasn't Crystal really afraid of being sent to prison?

Sheena stamped her feet and gritted her teeth. She said, "Crystal, are you silly? You killed someone, okay? Why are you still so calm as you had not kill him?"

Crystal spread out her hands and said, "I know!"

Sheena was speechless "

"Since you know, why did you kill me?"

Originally, Sheena wanted Doctor Li to do something to Crystal.

However. Half a day had passed, but there was still no good news from Riley, which was enough to prove that Riley failed to kill Crystal!

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