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   Chapter 555

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Just as Riley thought that Crystal would let him go, Crystal smiled faintly and said, "It seems that I have misunderstood you, Doctor Riley. But I think this vial of medicine has expired. It's too ugly, isn't it? So ugly! "

Riley looked at Crystal in confusion. What did Crystal mean?

Even Angela, who had been standing aside silently, was confused. She didn't understand what Crystal meant by saying that.

However, as far as she knew about Crystal, Crystal would never say a word of nonsense for no reason.

At the same time, she lowered her head and glanced at Riley, who looked like a disgusting swine in her eyes. A trace of contempt flashed through the corner of her eyes. 'humph! Damn idiot! How dare he have an improper desire for Crystal!'

When they were confused, Crystal continued, "Dr. Riley, this bottle of medicine is so ugly. It must have expired!"

Riley wanted to shake his head to deny, but Crystal added, "but it doesn't seem to be expired. I think in order to ensure the emperor's safety and prevent any problem with that medicine, please try it for the emperor, Dr. Riley! What do you think? "

Hearing Crystal's words, Riley was stunned for a moment! 'Try the medicine? To test the medicine for the emperor?'

After he finally understood what Crystal meant, Riley almost bit his tongue out of fear.

The corners of his mouth trembled. "I... Can I not try that medicine? No, I can't take it... "

At this moment, Angela, who was standing aside, almost couldn't help laughing. She really wanted to say to Crystal, 'Goddess!' What a nice trick!

Well, Angela had just admitted that her worship for Crystal had deepened. Crystal had directly turned into a goddess in her heart.

At this time, Crystal burst into laughter and said, "Well, you don't want to? Dr. Riley, it's your honor to try the medicine for the emperor. What's more, if the medicine you made is really out of date, then if you really use it on the emperor, and if there is really something bad happen to him, you will be dead fo

kind of poison in your room, you has already made yourself destined to end up miserably. Therefore, you lose the chance to stay alive!"

Then, Crystal walked up to Riley, bent down, grabbed his collar and sneered, "Riley, you are a doctor. Your duty is to save people! But you hurt others with your professional skills. You have broken your morality. You don't deserve to be a doctor anymore. So, today, I won't spare you your life. Riley, I hope you can figure out what you should do actually and what is your duty, saving people or hurting people! I hope you could figure it out when you are sent to the hell. "

Then, Crystal slowly moved one hand to Riley's neck


Riley's face turned red and his pupil widened. He breathed faster and faster, and his breath became weaker and weaker later. At this moment, he really wanted to apologize, "I'm wrong. I'm so sorry. At the last moment, I have figured it out. I don't know why, " But at the moment when Riley closed his eyes, he suddenly thought of the past. In order to be admitted to the medical school and fulfill his dream---become a doctor, he ran away from home, paid the tuition with the money he worked part time day and night, and even knelt down at the door of a professor to beg him for the chance to learn clinical medical skills from him. He knelt down for three whole days and nights

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