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   Chapter 554

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Sheena was in a much better mood after dinner.

At the same time, Crystal and Angela, who were still in the restroom, had reached an agreement.

Just when Crystal told Angela to follow her out, Crystal suddenly notice some noise outside.

Therefore, Crystal acted quickly, and even Angela was dumbfounded.

Crystal quickly took out a flying knife and shot towards the a black shadow. With a scream, Crystal dragged a man in a white doctor uniform into the room.

Crystal closed the door of the restroom.

At this moment, Angela covered her mouth with her hand to suppress her impulse to scream. In less than a few seconds, Crystal controlled a man, unbelievable?

Angela admired Crystal more and more. Exactly speaking, it was not admiration, but rather idolatry. Yes, it was idolatry!

Although the metaphor was exaggerated, it was true! At this moment, Angela worshiped very much.

The man on the ground covered his left leg and cried out. The pain made him sweating and trembling all over.

Besides, he was so scared.

He had never expected that a woman could be so good at fighting. More importantly, he heard that the woman who usually behaved gracefully and seemed to be kind and never put on airs was actually the wife of the Prince of Country C, and she was Princess Crystal. It was so unbelievable! And she even wanted to take revenge on Lord Albert.

He was shocked! The man she wanted to kill was Lord Albert! He was the father of the president of the Xia state, Ryan. Was she crazy?

Crystal kicked the man's wound on his left leg and sneered, "Doctor, what did you hear?"

That was right. The man on the ground was Riley, who had just had sex with Sheena.

Riley was really a pathetic guy. He had just planned how to kill Crystal without being suspected.

Therefore, he prepared enough drugs and syringes and swaggered over.

He thought Crystal was just a woman. How could she have the strength to fight against him.

So he

d and then shook his head. He stammered, "yes, yes Oh No, no, No. I'm not I really made a mistake! "

Riley would never admit that he came here to kill Crystal. He was very clear that once he admitted that he had listened to Sheena's order and came to kill Crystal, even if he could stay alive after that, the third prince, Prince Zach, would definitely take revenge on him.

In his opinion, Crystal was a gullible woman. No matter what he said, Crystal would believe him. Then, why did he make trouble for himself! Unless he was stupid!

Crystal stopped and said, "it seems that I really misunderstood your duty!"

Disdain was written all over his face. 'Well, I know she is quite gullible.' Riley snickered in his mind.

Therefore, Riley boldly raised his head and looked at Crystal at such a close distance.

It had to be said that the Princess Crystal was so beautiful. If he could have the chance to bang her once he would like to sacrifice ten years of his lifespan as return.

Therefore, Riley's boldness at the beginning gradually turned into lust!

He even forgot that it was Crystal who subdued him just now, not that he forgot it, but that he felt that he must be too nervous so he was taken advantage of by Crystal.

It was not that Crystal was strong enough, but that he was too careless!

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