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   Chapter 553 I Can't Wait To See You Die!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 4908

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At the same time, in a storage room on the other side, a man and a woman were...

Ten minutes later, Sheena also sat up and said to the man, "Riley, I have given you the benefits. Remember what you have promised me!"

In fact, Riley Li was a family doctor brought by Abbott from Country C. This man was in his early forty's and was a wily old fox, but on the surface, he was a man of principle.

Riley Li went back on his words. He smiled and pretended to be confused, "Your Highness, what have I promised you?"

Sheena really wanted to kick the fiend to death. How could he plan to burn the bridge after crossing it?

A trace of contempt flashed across Sheena's eyes. "Riley, are you really going to do that?"

Riley Li touched his nose and deliberately changed the topic, "Your Highness, the king is in good health. Well, I have something else to do. I'm leaving now!"

Sheena sneered in her heart. As expected, a man's mouth was never believable.

Seeing that Riley Li was about to go back on his words, Sheena didn't worry.

Sheena calmly took out her hand from her pocket and clicked on a video, which was full of the two people, Sheena and Riley.

Riley's face changed instantly after he saw the video.

"Your Highness, you... You are so despicable! "

Sheena sneered, "Despicable? Don't fucking talk nonsense to me, Riley. You know very well that if I expose this video, you, Dr. Li, will end up miserably! Anyway, I'm the princess of

ed in her heart that the idiot Riley would succeed. At the same time, she sneered. As long as Crystal died, she would frame Riley for all the crimes. At that time, this bad man couldn't live alone and at the same time Crystal died as she wished. What a meticulous plan!

Then, it seemed that something came to Sheena's mind. She turned around and quickly took out her mobile phone to set up the video above. She changed her photo into the photo of Crystal.

After everything was done, Sheena smiled with satisfaction. She put the phone in her pocket and went back to her room.

Sheena was very clear that the remaining information could not help her, but would harm her. Therefore, what she needed to do now was to change the information that was harmful to her into something beneficial to her.

Sheena was thinking that as long as she posted the photos of Crystal and Riley on the Internet at a proper time, whether Riley would succeed or not, Crystal would be doomed.

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