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   Chapter 551

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At this time, Crystal took out vial from her pocket and handed it to Angela, "this is the medicine for protecting the fetus this month. The baby is growing. You should pay attention to your baby. I don't need to tell you how dangerous it might be for you. If you enter the Xia Clan, don't allow their family doctor to have a physical examination for you, nor should you allow Mrs. Judy notice that you are pregnant, do you understand? "

Angela was confused and said, "well I think... "

Crystal glanced at her coldly and sneered, "do you want to say that there is no need to be so discreet?"

Angela lowered her head as acquiescence.

Crystal was right. At this moment, Angela thought that what she suggested was overcautious. The test report was enough to prove everything. Since Ryan believed its authenticity, Mrs. Judy might also possibly believe it.

Crystal pulled a piece of tissue and folded it into the shape of a rose. She put the rose into the pocket of Angela's uniform and said with a coquettish smile, "do you think Mrs. Judy is just a simple old lady? Let me put it this way. Up to now, Mrs. Judy is the most frightening woman in the eyes of Ryan, and he also hates her the most. Mrs. Judy has always been known as the first lady of the country.

And the reason why she was deemed as the first lady was that the constitution stipulated that every first lady of the state could be mandated the right to interfere in politics, even in military affairs and state affairs. And her property right was the most deterrent thing for Ryan. She had more shares in the family business than Ryan's. The real chairman of the family business of the Xia Clan is her. That was why Ryan dreaded her the most.

That was also the reason why he hated her. Ryan had never dared to fight against her.

Do you think such a scheming and resourceful old lady will be a simple person? Even if Ryan believes it, Mrs. Judy may still have the hunch to doubt it. Even if you expose a little bit of suspicion in the Xia clan, and once Mrs. Judy notice it, there is impossible for you to stay alive. She will not allow any women with suspicious motives to stay in the Xi

dea about it.

Crystal sneered and said, "the researcher in the scientific lab are all maniacs. They are all insane scientific research professors, a group of animals wearing a human skin. Her body was stabbed with all kinds of tubes, all her internal organs were taken out, her arms and legs were all cut off. Only her head was left, but she was still made to stay alive, and she will live for a long time until she is studied by those madmen and found something they are satisfied with. Only in this way can she be put to sleep and enjoy a peaceful hereafter! "

Angela was so frightened that she took a few steps back and trembled. She covered her ears, shook her head and trembled, "stop, stop! That is enough! "

Step by step, Crystal pushed away Angela's hands and sneered, "That is the truth I am telling you. By the way, do you have any idea who the maid was? "

Angela didn't want to know who that maid was! It had nothing to do with her.

But Crystal forced her to listen.

A hint of bitterness flashed through Crystal's eyes. She said, "that maid is actually my wet nurse, and also my mother's best sister. Her name was Amanda. Amanda! "

At this moment, Angela was stunned

She didn't expect that the maid was Crystal's wet nurse. She was Ivy's wet nurse and Ivy's mother's good friend.

Yes, yes! All the memories of Crystal before the age of eight rushed into her mind, and so did the painful memories of the past!

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