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   Chapter 550 Have You Found Anything

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At this time, Abbott interrupted, "Uncle Xia, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Don't mind. Come on, let me propose a toast to you. You can drink as you like. I'm done. Don't lower yourself to the same level as me!"

Then, Abbott drained the wine in his glass.

Even if Abbott and the king of Country C had expressed their stance, Ryan couldn't just hold on to what had just happened!

However, Edgar was indeed arrogant and cold.

In fact, what Ryan hoped most was that Edgar could bow his head and apologize to him.

But obviously, it's impossible. Do you expect Edgar to apologize to you and bow to you? That would be like a sow climbing a tree. No way!

So, Ryan said casually, "bro, you know, my temper Never mind. They are all kids. How can I be bothered by them? By the way, how are you recently? Have you suffered an old disease again?"

Obviously, Ryan wasn't angry with them anymore considering the new topic he opened.

However, when the two words "old disease" were mentioned, the face of the king of Country C instantly changed.

Everyone knew that the king of Country C used to chase after the school belle. In the end, the woman he liked slept with his desk mate, Ryan. Then, the king of Country C had a woolgathering that day. This made the whole school laugh.

The mention of this by Ryan was equivalent to opening the wound of the king of Country C.

Of course, only Ryan and the king of Country C knew about it.

The two beards of the king of Country C were blowing in the air showing his anger. He gritted his teeth and said, "I'm in good health. My old disease has long been cured! As for Ryan, you also had a little grey hair. You should take care of yourself in normal times, bro! "

The corners of Ryan's mouth twitched. He smiled and sat down.

The dinner was almost over.

Crystal didn't eat much either. During the dinner, she didn't feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable. However, the only thing that made her happy was that she had cut off the route of retreat of the woman, Sheena.

Crystal was sure that when Sheen

so asked me if he had said anything in sleep at night."

Crystal flicked her fingers and asked, "How, how did you answer?"

Angela said, "I said, you said a word..."

Squinting her eyes, Crystal asked, "What was his expression at that time! "

At the thought of the expression on Ryan's face, Angela felt a shiver down his spine. "He wanted to kill me right now!"

"And then?"

"Then, I said, you said the word. "Why?"

Crystal nodded with satisfaction and sneered, "Very good! You did a good job! If you said you didn't! I think what I see now will be your body.

Ryan is a suspicious man. It's obvious that he has a habit of telling the truth after drinking. If you don't say anything, it will arouse his suspicion. In order to prevent you from revealing his secret, you can only die!

Obviously, the word you said, "Why?" Instead, you are not the only one who wins his trust. On the contrary, what you said may be the same as what Miranda said. Therefore, he gave up the idea of killing you and trusted you more! "

Angela raised his head and looked at Crystal. This was the second time that she looked at Crystal from head to toe. It had to be said that Crystal was really terrible. Her mind, her intelligence, and her cruelty were not ordinary people could compare with.

Angela was glad that she didn't break up with Crystal. Otherwise, she wouldn't know how she died.

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