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   Chapter 548 I Will Kill You!

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Sheena said in a tone as if she was saying, "I'm rich and I'm willful. Humph, are you jealous! Humph!

Crystal smiled and continued, "Oh, I see. Look at the clothes on your highness. They are worth more than one million. It is very gorgeous. They must be handmade by famous designers, right?"

Sheena gave Crystal a disdainful look and said, "That's it. It's handmade by the most famous foreign designer Philies. It's a limited edition. He designed all my clothes!"

Crystal smiled faintly and said, "Oh, really? Does that mean every dress of the princess is invaluable?"

Sheena snorted, "Of course!"

Then, Crystal picked up the tissue on the table and played with it. She turned to the king of Country C and asked, "Father, didn't you say that there were many homeless refugees in Country C in the past few days? You said that you would set up a charity fund to let those refugees have a place to eat and sleep, so that they didn't have to sleep on the streets!"

The king of Country C was a little shocked. How could Crystal know his thoughts?

Yes, a few days ago, after his private visit, he saw some refugees starved to death on the street along the way. Although he, the king of Country C, was a little cruel, how could he ignore the people of his country starved to death on the street!

Therefore, he wanted to set up a charity foundation in the name of the royal family. In this way, not only could the problem of the homeless be solved, but also the most important thing would bring the good reputation of the people to the king of the Country C. It was often the king of Country C common way to win people's support, or he would not have been the king of Country C for so long, and he had always been the king. No one had ever objected.

Even those who had the ambition to temporarily take his position in the family had not succeeded, because once someone started to rebel, there would be countless people protesting and intercepting. This was also the reason why there had been no interrogation in Country C all the time.

At the thought o

ecause he was really angry with Crystal and the old man of Country C who treated him as air!

Is there any mistake! As the president of the Xia state, he was still here. What was wrong with his family?

In order to prevent Ryan from pounding the table and leaving, Abbott opened a new topic and asked Ryan some stupid questions.

On the other side, [冷心] said straightforwardly, "father, in fact, only one person can do this!"

The king of Country C asked suspiciously, "Who can do it?"

Crystal pointed at Sheena with a smile and said, "It's far away and near in front of us!"

Sheena looked at Crystal and others in confusion. It was not until Crystal pointed at her that she realized that Crystal would not ask her some stupid questions for no reason.

However, Sheena didn't know what Crystal wanted to do, but her previous experience told her that Crystal had to set a trap for her!

Before the king of Country C opened his mouth, Sheena interrupted him and said to Crystal, "Princess Crystal, are you kidding? How can I, a little girl, understand father's state affairs?"

However, it turned out that what Sheena had said was ignored, because she didn't respond at all!

The anger in Abbott's heart was rising. She wanted to say something, but there was nothing she could do.

At this time, the king of Country C asked with interest, "Crystal, this..."

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