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   Chapter 546 Lucky Star!

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But the fact was that when Crystal called him "Father", Crystal's voice was no longer so cold, but full of affection, just like a daughter acting like a spoiled child with her father. Her voice was pure and pleasant.

Now the king of Country C was suspicious. At this moment, he really didn't understand what on earth did Crystal want to do?

On the contrary, Edgar was not so surprised at the word "Father" called by Crystal. How could he not know what Crystal was thinking?

So, to the king of Country C, Edgar smiled and said, "Father, your son and Crystal went to the shopping mall to book a birthday cake for you today. They were supposed to come back from dinner, but Crystal insisted that she would choose the ingredients herself. She also said that she only knew your taste! In order to choose your favorite food, she has been busy all afternoon!"

Edgar's words almost made the king of Country C spit out the food in his mouth.

Would they be so kind?

Give him back his taste? ha-ha! He had only met Crystal once! Or would she know his taste if it ended in unhappiness? How is that possible?

However, he really admired Edgar. How could he be so calm when he lied? It was so natural, as if it was true!

What Edgar meant was that they were late because they were choosing the birthday cake for the king of Country C! Look! How filial they were?

In his heart, the king of Country C really wanted to spit out Edgar's saliva. Damn it! Filial piety? He seemed to retort, "Do you know my birthday date?

However, he is the king of Country C, he knew that he could not do this at the moment. Not only could he not do this, but he also had to continue to pretend.

So the king of Country C took a deep breath and smiled at Crystal, "You are such a naughty girl. As I said, my birthday is still early! You don't have to worry so much. Now the most thing I want is that you two to be with me happily every day. I'm satisfied to see our family have a family meal together!"


't help but speak. He smiled faintly at the king of Country C and said, "I really didn't expect to see such a harmonious family in the nobility of Country C. It's really rare! Brother, you are so happy!"

Look! What Ryan said was so skillful that it seemed to be a praise, but in fact, he really meant: pretending, you can pretend! Let's see how long you can pretend!

The king of Country C seemed not to understand what Ryan meant. He replied with a smile, "brother Xia, you don't know that since Crystal married into our family, our family has been full of good news. Do you know my eldest son? On the night when Crystal and Edgar got married, my eldest son suddenly opened his mouth and got out of bed. I really didn't expect that. It's a miracle. Brother Xia, do you think that Crystal is the lucky star of our family?"

Don't think that he didn't see how bad his face would be when Crystal called him father in Country C.

Although the king of Country C couldn't figure out the relationship between Crystal and the old thief, the only thing he was sure was that the old fox, Ryan, didn't want Crystal to be close to him, nor did he want to see the couple, Edgar and Crystal. Of course, it might be because the old thief didn't want him to be good!

However, he had one principle now, which was to piss that old bastard off!

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