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   Chapter 544

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Raising her eyebrows, Edgar saw that Edgar was changing her clothes with a cold face!

Crystal chuckled and pinched his chest. "Oh, honey, are you jealous!"

Edgar slapped away her hand coldly, but he still didn't groan!

Crystal reached out and pinched the stiff face of Edgar]. She smiled and said, "come on, honey. Don't be mad, okay?"

After changing her clothes for Crystal, Edgar held Crystal up and put her back on the sofa. Then he went to the kitchen to prepare a cup of tepid water for Crystal and put it in front of her.

Then he went to the bedroom, took out a warm paste, applied it on her belly.

Then Edgar stood up and was about to leave, but he was stopped by Crystal holding behind him. "Honey, don't be angry. I promise that next time when I meet another man, I will wrap myself tightly and only show my eyes, okay?"

Edgar was amused by her words

Hearing that, Edgar turned around, squatted down, reached out his hand and scratched [her nose gently. He smiled and said, "Well, honey! You are so sweet and considerate to me! "

Facing such a cute girl, Edgar dissipated his anger and no more seethe in his mind.

Sitting on the sofa with Crystal in his arms, Edgar asked, "honey, are you hungry?"

Leaning her head on the shoulder of Edgar, Crystal said, "I'm not hungry. The breakfast bought by Abbott just now tastes good. I ate so many tiny bun a few minutes ago. He even laughed at me as a foodie!"

As Crystal spoke, she suddenly felt something wrong. She turned her head and secretly glanced at Edgar.

At this moment, Edgar's face turned gloomy again. He just returned back to normal, but now he was a bit mad again!

Fine! Crystal found that she had said something wrong to make him displeased again!

So, Crystal showed him a sweet smile and said, "honey, I am so sorry. Don't mind it. I'll be careful and try not be talk about another guy in front of you next time! "

After Edgar finally managed to coax Edgar, she curled her lips and complained in her mind, "fuck! I have never expected that Edgar was so narrow minded!

After grumbling in her mind, Crystal began to tell Edgar all the words that Abb

snorted, "why should I tell you?"

Holding Crystal in his arms for a while, Edgar said, "forget it. Let's quit, honey!"

Hearing this, Abbott was so distraught. If his father knew that he had invited the couple Edgar and then drove them away, he was sure that his father would beat him to death!

So Abbott gritted his teeth and said, "room 235, on the seventh Floor. My father is waiting there. You can go there directly. Oh, by the way, Ryan has also arrived!"

At first, Abbott refused to tell Edgar the exact room out of grievance, but he couldn't do it. As he had seen Ryan arrive here, he just couldn't gulp back his words.

Edgar still put on a long face and didn't intend to say thanks to Abbott.

Since Edgar didn't want to talk to him, Abbott decided to ignore him and leave as retaliation.

However, Crystal spoke at that moment.

Leaning against Edgar's chest, Crystal asked, "Wow, Prince Abbott, I suppose you should go downstairs with us to the banquet, right? Well? Haven't the banquet started yet? "

Although he didn't want to talk to Edgar, Crystal was his nominal sister-in-law. How could he ignore her?

So Abbott said, "I am here to take something else!"

"What are you looking for?"

"Nothing. Just some documents!"

"Oh, don't forget to bring something with you when you come out of your suite!"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean You should remember to take your brain with you! And that's it! "

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