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   Chapter 539 Brat, I'll Beat You to Death!

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Updated: 2020-05-18 00:03

Sheena pointed at the room on the far right behind her lightly and said, "Father, that's my brother's room! By the way, father, didn't you tell my brother that you came here in advance? "

The king of Country C was thinking about something. After a long time, he said, "Well, I didn't plan to tell him. I just wanted to give him a surprise."

Sheena rolled her eyes in her heart. What he wanted to say was, surprise? Obviously, it was a surprise!

Abbott had always been afraid of his father, so she bet that if Abbott saw her father coming, wouldn't he jump up?

The king of Country C thought of what Crystal had just said. He looked at Sheena said, "Sheena, I know you don't want to marry that useless man, Adam. But don't you think about it? If you really go to the Xia Mansion, how good it will be for our Country C!

Besides, I'm telling you, you not only have to marry Adam, but also need to be careful of Ryan. What's in his hand is very useful to Country C! Sheena, please make winter trust you. In this way, you can call the wind and control the rain in the Xia state, and as your father, you can also be a strong backing in Country C. Do you know that?"

For the king of Country C, his daughter was just a pawn in his hand. No matter what she thought about her daughter, the biggest hope now was to let his daughter live in the Xia clan as the wife of Adam and let Ryan have an attachment to her. In this way, he would be able to get what he wanted in the future?

Sheena wanted to retort, but she didn't have the courage.

The king of Country C spit out all the disgusting thoughts in his heart without hiding.

Even he himself felt that he had gone too far, but the kid, Sheena, was his weapon. Didn't he need to do that?

Sheena nodded reluctantly. "Yes, father. I know what to do!"

The king of Country C looked satisfied. He smiled and patted Sheena on the shoulder. He said, "My good daughter, I know you are filial. Sheena, don't worry. When you marry into the Xia clan,

e Abbott a hard kick. He said, "You brat, you still know it hurts! You If you behave like this, I will be laughed to death when I return to Country C!

The king of Country C came out of the army. He was so strong that he gave a heavy kick to Abbott, grimacing in pain.

At this moment, Abbott was completely confused?

What's wrong with his father in the early morning?

He came to the Xia state in advance without informing him in advance. Forget it. Just come!

However, who could tell him that his father would give him a punch or kick!

What mistake did he make? Did his father find out he played with some beauties? Or, he hadn't called Mr. Alex for a long time, so his father was angry?

Logically speaking, it shouldn't be? Old man is not that shallow?

What happened?

Abbott ran around the table, and the king of Country C chased after it!

Although the king of Country C used to be a soldier, it should not be difficult for him to work with such strength.

However, he was old after all. How could his body be compared with his past!

The king of Country C stopped around the table, panting, and said, "Abbott, I'll beat you unfilially son to death!"

Abbott stopped around the table and asked, "Dad, what's wrong with you? Even if I made a mistake. You have to let me know what I made a mistake."

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