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   Chapter 538 The Plan Was Disrupted!

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Crystal didn't want to talk about what the king of Country C had said, but on second thought, she thought, 'no, I'm now the wife of the third prince. If I keep silent, doesn't it mean that I'm a coward?'

If it was someone else, Crystal could just let them go, but at this moment, she couldn't!

Then, Crystal gracefully flicked her finger and smiled, "Yes, princess, the king is right. At your age, you should have spent your time in college, but you came here and fooled around with some bludgers. You are wasting your time! Don't you know that Adam is ignorant all day long and has a nature of prostitution and gambling. Why did you choose to be with him. What can I say about you?

In spite of what kind of person Adam is, with his father's power, if you marry him, you won't be too sad. Even if Adam doesn't live up to his expectations, President Ryan will still be there for you. Sheena, I don't mean to blame you. Although Ryan is Adam's father, he is more capable than Adam. If you seduce Ryan, how capable you are as a princess?

Crystal was very clear about the intention of the king of Country C to let Sheena get married in the Xia state. At the same time, Crystal knew more about the ambition of the king of Country C.

The president's wife of the state of Xia was far more powerful than the wife of the president's son. Crystal didn't need to say more about this. The king of the Country C should have understood it.

Sure enough, the king of Country C squinted at Crystal and then looked at Sheena. He didn't say anything.

However, Sheena knew very well that her father was weighing the pros and cons!

She really wanted to tear Crystal's mouth apart.

She turned around and shouted at Crystal coldly, "My sister-in-law, shut up! What are you talking about? Adam and I are not what you think. Nothing can happen between me and Ryan. Don't talk nonsense!"

No, she

me to the hotel to have dinner with us, he has been praising the beauty of the princess. His eyes have been wandering on the princess! "

Then, Crystal slapped her own mouth two times and said regretfully, "ha ha, look at my mouth. It's always nonsense. Sheena, don't lower yourself to the same level as me. I forget that you will marry Adam tomorrow and become president Xia's daughter-in-law. What am I talking about?"

Then, Crystal glanced at the face of Sheena. She smiled at the king of Country C and said, "Your highness, you must want to have a chat with your daughter. I won't bother you! I'm going back! "

After saying goodbye to the king, Crystal turned around and went back to her room.

Sheena was so angry that she stamped her feet. She had planned to stop Crystal.

However, she saw that there was no tenderness in her father's eyes but only scheme on his face. All of a sudden. She was shocked. Did her father really believe what Crystal said?

Sheena wanted to protest for several times, but when she thought of her father's way of handling things, she decided to stand still!

It was not until the king of Country C came around and had his own plan that he asked, "Sheena, where is your brother? Which room does your brother live in? "

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