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   Chapter 537 Then Took off All Her Clothes and Ran Around. Go Ahead!

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Sheena's face at that time was as beautiful as an oil painting.

She shouted at Crystal loudly, "Crystal, you Shameless, you Insult me!"

Crystal spread out her hands and said innocently, "Sheena, do you have any brain? That's what you said. As long as I ask you to do anything, you will agree. I just want you to take off all your clothes and go out for a run, right? Are you insulting you? It's obvious that I just put forward conditions to you!"

Sheena covered her chest, trembling with anger.

She was the princess of Country C. She was willing to bow her head and apologize to Crystal. Crystal not only refused to forgive her, but also insulted her Damn it!

Sheena was furious.

But she didn't lose her temper.

She pretended to be careful of her liver grievance and injury, with tears in the corners of her eyes, trying not to let her tears fall.

She said, "Princess Crystal, I know you hate me. I know it was all my fault in the past. But you can hit me or scold me, but you can't insult me. Princess Crystal, no matter how many mistakes I have made, today I sincerely apologize to you. How can you insult me like this?"

When Sheena said this, she inadvertently looked at the time on her wrist. She prayed in her heart that everything would go smoothly!

The more Crystal listened, the more interesting she felt. Did Sheena really think that Crystal was the Virgin Mary? Didn't she feel that she made me annoyed to come here again and again for three times?

Crystal said sarcastically, "Your Highness, I have seen your sincerity. It doesn't matter. Anyway, as I said, if you take off your clothes and run around the hotel as I said, I can consider it. I forgive you! As for helping you, it depends on my mood. If I am in a good mood, I can help you out of kindness. But I don't know if your father is willing to give up this marriage!

Or, maybe your father is as stupid as you. Maybe he will go back on his words after a night sleep! It's also depend on

, "Yes, I'm Edgar's wife, Crystal!"

Crystal said in a neither humble nor pushy tone.

The king of Country C couldn't help but take a look at Crystal. To be honest, few people dared to look at him in this way. It was a woman!

The king of Country C just looked at Crystal coldly. On the contrary, Crystal didn't show weakness. She also glanced at the king of Country C without retreating.

The eyes of the two people froze in the air, like two sharp swords, exceptionally fierce.

Finally, the king of Country C looked away. He smiled and said, "Crystal, well, this name is good!"

Crystal could pretend to be a winner in front of Sheena, while in front of Edgar, she could pretend to be a little woman.

But Crystal knew that she had to put on airs as a princess to avoid stage fright!

So she raised her head and put on airs. She smiled and replied politely, "I'm flattered!"

The king of Country C didn't care about Crystal's name any more. He changed the subject and looked lovingly at Sheena. He said lovingly, "Sheena, you've suffered here! I've told you a long time ago that this place is not like Country C. There are too many people and beasts here. There are too many things that take advantage of their power to bully people. They are not suitable for you. Why don't you listen to me and come here?"

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