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   Chapter 536 Give Me A Way Out!

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No matter she admitted it or not, her brother Edgar would listen to Crystal the most.

Even Abbott cared about Crystal's words. If she asked Crystal to intercede for her and asked Abbott to send her back to Country C and not let her marry the idiot Adam, she believed that Abbott would definitely think it over.

In that case, she could not marry into the Xia clan. As long as she was sent to Country C by Abbott, then everything would be easy.

As long as she behaved well in front of her father and wouldn't cause so many troubles, how could his father still hold on to the matter between her and Adam?

Although the news about her and Adam had been spread in the state of Xia, so what?

As long as she returned to Country C safe and sound, she was still the noble princess, the most honorable princess in Country C.

Therefore, she could only come to Crystal and only Crystal could help her!

If Crystal couldn't help her, she still had a plan. She wouldn't suffer any loss if she carried it out at the same time!

Most importantly, she wanted his father to understand her attitude!

Thinking of this, Sheena lowered her posture and said, "Crystal, no, my sister-in-law, I know you hate me very much. I know, it's my fault on this event. I also know that it's my fault to design you and Adam this time. It's all my fault.

My sister-in-law, I shouldn't have set you up like that, and I shouldn't have persuaded Adam to do something worse than animals to you. After some things, I finally understand that this relationship can't be forced. Edgar has always loved you.

Even if I succeed in this matter, brother Edgar won't take one more look at me. I'm sorry. I'm so stupid. I deserve it"

After saying that, Sheena bowed to Crystal and said, "I'm sorry, my sister-in-law. Please forgive me. I promise I won't make such a mistake again. You are my sister-in-law now, and we are a family. From now on, I wi

was nothing more than a quarrel between women.

She could grit her teeth and endure it!

Therefore, Sheena gritted her teeth and nodded, "Yes. As long as you can forgive me and do whatever you want me to do, I will promise you. As long as you are willing to help me, I won't say anything even if you ask me to kneel down for you!"

Crystal flipped her hair and said, "well, really? Well, then kneel down! "

Sheena was speechless.

Sheena cursed in her heart, 'Crystal is such a bitch. How dare she ask her to kneel down to her! Damn it!'! She was a princess, a princess!

However, no matter how reluctant Sheena was, she still gritted her teeth and said, "Okay, no matter what you want me to do, I will promise you. I'll just kneel down!"

While speaking, Sheena took a deep breath, bit her lips and bent her legs.

When her knees were about to touch the ground, Crystal suddenly said, "Forget it. Don't kneel!"

Sheena stood up immediately. She knew that Crystal didn't dare to ask her kneel down to her. She had a noble status.

Wasn't Crystal afraid at all?

Sheena encouraged herself in her heart. Look, Crystal didn't dare to do anything to her.

However, the next second, Crystal said indifferently, "Then... You can take off your clothes and run around! "

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