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   Chapter 535

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 7116

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Edgar was lying on the bed. He didn't know if it was because the disgusting smell of Abbott still lingering in the room made him feel uncomfortable.

He kept thinking about Crystal. Anyway, he tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep.

Unable to fall asleep, Edgar felt that time passed very slowly, every second was suffering for him.

The more he couldn't fall asleep, the more he missed Crystal.

He wondered what Crystal was doing now? Sleeping? Or she hadn't fall asleep yet? Was she missing him? Or she didn't miss him?

At this moment, Edgar felt as if he really wanted to kick open her room, rushed in, and then pounced on her. No matter Crystal would blame him, beat him and bite him or not.

It was better to be ignored by her like that!

Edgar scratched his hair in a flurry. He was so annoyed!

Forget it. He couldn't fall asleep. Then he sat up, got out of bed and decided not to sleep at all!

After changing his clothes, Edgar walked out of the bedroom.

When he walked out of the bedroom and came to the living room, he saw that the quilt covering on Abbott was crumpled into a ball by him, and his two feet were exposed outside, sleeping in an inelegant posture.

Seeing that, Edgar's mouth twitched. His sleeping posture really couldn't match with his elegant manner when he showed up in the public.

Then, Edgar went to the kitchen and took out two bottles of wine from the fridge. He turned around and came to Abbott, looking down at him.

He stretched out his leg and kicked Abbott!

"Abbott, wake up! Get up! Drink with me! "

In his dream, Abbott was holding a group of beautiful women in his arms. It was so enjoyable for him to indulge himself in his sweet dream. Damn it That was awesome!

When he was still enjoying his dream, he was awakened by a voice. He narrowed his eyes, as if he was still in a daze, and cursed, "Fuck off, don't disturb my dream "

Before he could finish, A glass of cold water was poured directly on the head of Abbott

Abbott suddenly woke up and sat up.

He wiped the water all over his head and scolded, "Edgar, are you fuck

that Sheena didn't notice Crystal's unfriendliness at all.

Sheena pretended to be innocent and said, "Princess Crystal, I Please, help me, okay? Now.... I have no choice! "

Hearing this, Crystal burst into laughter and said, "Sheena, what is wrong with you? Look, a noble princess of the Country C now is asking me for help. Did I listen to the wrong? "

As if Sheena didn't understand the irony in her words, she said, "Princess Crystal, I'm here today to sincerely apologize to you. And please help me, give me a chance!"

Crystal sneered, "Wow, what a shocking news today. Your highness, what do you want me to do for you? Don't scare me, okay? I don't want to do anything to you. Judging from your tone, I feel like I were the culprit make you in trouble. Could you please stop talking nonsense?"

At this moment, Sheena really wanted to twist the mouth of Crystal. She was so annoying!

However, Sheena knew that now only Crystal could save her. Although the matter between her and Adam had been settled, after all, Ryan was informed of the fact that Adam's change had something to do with her.

In this case, if she married him, she would die!

And her relationship with her brother Abbott was about to collapse, so he refused to help her.

However, Sheena had no choice. After thinking for a whole night, Sheena finally felt that at the moment, only Crystal could be capable of helping her!

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