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   Chapter 533

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Even Douglas, who was standing behind Crystal, twitched his mouth at the same time, but he still cleared his voice and replied, "yes, madam! I will do it right away. "

After saying that, he turned around and left. His pace was a little slow, or exactly speaking, he walked with an exceedingly sluggish steps just like those scenes of slow motion edited in a movie with a special skill.

Hearing that, Edgar felt a sharp pain in his brain! Damn it! It was a pain in his heart!

What kind of wife did he marry! What a scheming and shrew lady!

Hearing that, Edgar turned his head and looked at Douglas. Was he really going to leave to tell the news?

Hearing that, the anger of Edgar started to seethe in his heart all of a sudden. Come on! That was what his man was going to do to him? Ungrateful guy!

Well, Edgar really forgot what he had just announced in the basement! He had already handed over his power to Crystal.

Seeing that Douglas was about to step out of the door, Edgar shouted, "what are you going to do? Don't you know that Ms. Crystal is joking with you? "

Crystal shrugged and said casually, "really? I didn't! I am serious. "

Puff! At this moment, Edgar was so angry that he wanted to rub her face violently.

"Where are you going, Douglas? Come back!" Edgar shouted at the man who had stepped out of the door

As if Douglas hadn't heard it, he didn't stop, but he just turned around in the yard and came back!

Seeing that Douglas involuntarily stood back outside the door.

Turning around, Edgar smirked at Crystal and asked, "honey, are you hungry? How about we have dinner together? "

Crystal shook her head expressionlessly and said indifferently, "I'm not hungry!"

"Honey, are you thirsty?" asked Edgar.

Crystal chuckled and reached out her hand. Without saying anything, she grabbed Edgar's ear and said, "Edgar, don't fucking shift the topic from my question. How dare you conceal something from me, ah? Do you think you are tough enough to disobey my words? "

Being pulled by Crystal, Edgar felt a sharp pai

wanted to protect her and didn't want her to be involved, he chose not to tell her.

However, when she thought that the man she loved had hidden so many things from her, she was very angry.

Since he knew everything, but she was still looking for the truth on her own just as a fool.

And this person, who had hidden so many secrets from her, was her closest man. How could she not be angry?

However, although Crystal was angry, she really didn't have the heart to leave Edgar outside alone.

The rain was still falling. It didn't seem to stop within hours. Edgar had just went through a heart operation.

Although he had recovered now, if he got wet in the rain, he would have a fever and catch a cold, which would increase the burden of his heart to bear. Then it would be harmful to his body.

Therefore, Crystal didn't ask Toby to drive away immediately.

Instead, after Edgar got in the car, he signaled Toby to drive.

Along the way, the atmosphere in the car was surprisingly quiet!

Crystal turned her head away from Edgar.

As for Edgar, he wanted to apologize to Crystal, but he didn't know what to say!

And Toby didn't dare to say anything. He was driving carefully.

What's more, Douglas always kept silent as if he were a mute.

"Honey, don't be mad at me, okay? I was wrong! I am sorry, okay? "

Holding her arm, Edgar apologized.

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