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   Chapter 532

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In fact, Edgar had really thought about letting Crystal be who she used to be.

However, Edgar knew that if he had to force Crystal to let go of everything she had done during these years, give up looking for the truth of the past and give up her revenge, and to follow as Edgar wished---to be the wife who was well protected by Edgar forever. But Edgar knew clearly that it was totally impossible for Crystal. And Crystal would never feel relieved if Edgar forced her to do so and live in peace.

Therefore, Edgar would rather be the man supporting Crystal and let her ferret out the truth herself to avenge her mother.

Feeling that Edgar's body was trembling slightly, Crystal knew that he was afraid that she would go further and further on the road of revenge. And he knew that Crystal would try all means and even sacrifice herself to revenge her mother.

Crystal sniffed, turned around and hugged Edgar, saying, "honey, I know you are afraid that I will lose my mind and only have hatred left in my heart. But don't worry. I promise you that I will disband the Shadow Group after everything is over here. I will give up my identity as Crystal and return to who I used to be. I will go hand in hand with you for the rest of my life. And we will live in peace forever!

I promise, after the matter here is over, we will go to pick up Hilary together. The three of us will go to a paradise and stay together forever, okay? "

Edgar rubbed her hair dotingly and smiled, "okay! I trust you. "

At this time, Douglas and Toby walked to the door. When they came to the two people snuggling up to each other, Toby's mouth twitched, 'Hey, do you think it is the right time and the right moment to display affection here?'

Toby stood still at the door. He really didn't want to disturb them! It was so awkward!

However, Douglas didn't care what they were doing! It seemed that he had zero emotion as being a human.

Even if they were having sex right now, there was really no feeling of embarrassment for Douglas.

Because of his fast pace, the rain fell on his bod

er hand, she thought there might be something wrong with their conclusion. At that time, Edgar was still a child, perhaps Crystal herself was not born yet, and she was at almost the same age as Edgar's. How could he get to know these old stories?

Moreover, she had commanded Douglas to go through the whole country to explore the fact, and how did Edgar get this information so easily?

Then, Crystal squinted her eyes and walked around Edgar. She raised her eyebrows and asked, "Edgar, are you hiding something from me?"

Touching his nose, Edgar said, "how could it be"

Crystal turned around again, pinched his face and said, "really?"

Edgar shook off her hand and smiled, "no No. honey, you You think too much! "

Crystal crossed her arms on her chest and said coldly, "really? Fine! "

Hearing that, Edgar breathed a sigh of relief. He thought that Crystal would not go on asking.

However, the next second, Crystal said, "Douglas, go and tell your men that the reason why your former leader, Edgar, gave up the position as the leader of the Shadow is that he, who is known as Zach, has become the noble Prince of Country C. He is a righteous man now. So the outlaws like us have to stay away from him!"

Standing outside the door, Toby almost burst into laughter. He believed that if he told these words to the people in the shadow group, they would definitely rebel!

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