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   Chapter 531 Honey, I Don't Want!

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Crystal nodded, "Yes, that's exactly what I also think. Although I don't know why my mother chose to marry Bill, my intuition tells me that no matter it is Bill or Jeff, their purpose of approaching my mother is impure.

Although I don't know what Bill has done to make my mother willing to marry him, I'm sure that my mother must have been forced or threatened, or else she wouldn't have lost her happiness. Even if she broke up with this Jeff, she wouldn't have chosen a random person to marry him!"

Edgar reached out his hand and touched it. Frowning, Crystal smiled and said, "Well, honey, I know you are eager to find out the truth of that year. I also know that you want to avenge your mother as soon as possible, but have you ever thought about slowing down yourself? Maybe you will find out the other side of the matter. Some things were not only seen by eyes. Instead, you need to feel it with your heart! Honey, do you get my point? "

Crystal frowned and asked in confusion, "Edgar, what do you want to say?"

At this time, Edgar smiled and reached out his hand to pull Crystal's shoulder, letting her look at him. He said, "Honey, have you ever thought that your mother would quietly live here for so long, or that she would rather give up the opportunity to study abroad and be willing to live with a man here for so long? Obviously, she loves this man so much and deeply! '

Crystal nodded, "I know, but..."

Lowering his head, Edgar looked at Crystal seriously and said, "Honey, I know what you want to say. Do you want to say that maybe this man has been playing with your mother's feelings and using her all the time, am I right?"

"Isn't it?"

With a smile, Edgar turned around and hugged Crystal from behind. He continued, "Well, you are right. But don't you really feel the person who really loves you? A person who loves you more than he loves himself, are you really indifferent? Besides, from your m

to only live in hatred for the rest of her life. When her heart was full of hatred, what she thought every day was to take revenge. If the truth was revealed and the revenge was taken, she would lose her way and even lose herself.

When he lost his spiritual support, he could only live a walking dead.

Edgar didn't want Crystal to become such a person!

Edgar didn't want to see that. No matter where he and Crystal were, no matter they would spend the rest of their lives together or whether they would grow old together, he didn't want Crystal to only live in hatred.

Of course, he would never leave Crystal unless he had to. But the world was changeable. Who could predict what would happen next?

Edgar hoped that his wife could live a happy life every day. Although she used to be naughty and sometimes annoying.

However, at least she wouldn't feel so heavy in her heart. Although she used to be a miser, at least she would frown and laugh unhappily every day.

But now, even if she was in a good mood, she didn't show it. Even if she was very irritable and angry, she would still calm down to face it. It didn't mean that it was not good. It just made Edgar feel that Crystal, who was too depressed, would really be very tired. He didn't want her to be so tired!

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