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   Chapter 530 Things About Her Mother!

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Of course, all these things happened before she was born.

"As far as I can remember, my mother has never been really happy. Her marriage with Bill may be the beginning of her pain.

Since I was born, my mother has been studying her paintings. She has done good works, but it's very strange that every time my mother succeeded in drawing, she would destroy it by herself. If her paintings are still kept till now, I think they must be invaluable!

Then, we were at my stepfather's house. At that time, my mother was even more like this. Every morning, my mom draw a picture, and then the painting would be destroyed by herself at night.

At that time, my sister and neighbors all called her a lunatic, a fool, and even my stepfather often mentioned that my mother was insane.

It was not until now that I realized that my mother was missing someone at that time!"

Crystal looked around and leaned her head against Edgar's shoulder. She asked, "Honey, do you know what my mother has drawn?"

Lowering his head and kissing Crystal's forehead, Edgar said, "I think it should be the scene here and all the memories that happened here!"

Crystal nodded, sniffed and said, "Yes, you are right. It is not until now that I find that I am so familiar with this place as if I have been here before. In fact, I know that these are often seen in my mother's paintings. Edgar, tell me, is it because of my appearance that my mother does not have the courage to find her true love, nor does she have the courage to elope with the person she loves!"

Rubbing Crystal's hair dotingly, Edgar said, "Silly girl, how could it be! Don't think too much. My mother-in-law is a very independent person. Even if she is not, she will leave here. Everyone has a different choice. She knows that the two people who can't accompany each other for a lifetime will eventually separate. Since they will separate, it's better to have short pain than long pain. She is very

ith someone, then this person should also be a foreign person or an overseas Chinese, because with my mother's status in the Xia clan, the school she stayed in would only be the most noble Royal University abroad. There were no students in the Royal UniversitySome were civilians.

But Jeff couldn't go to such an expensive school judging from his family condition. So I thought that my mother didn't go abroad at that time, but lived here. But if she didn't go abroad, where did those photos of her life abroad come from? I heard from Adam that my mother would send them home every time she was abroad. Some photos of her daily life were used to tell her families and make them feel at ease!

So, this matter is very contradictory. Besides, if my mother really didn't go abroad, or knew Jeff abroad, then why couldn't I find out all the information about Jeff... "

At this time, Edgar reached out and tightened Crystal's coat. He said, "So, honey, you are sure that Jeff's true identity is not that simple. Moreover, it seems that he approached your mother on purpose, so that your mother will fall in love with him. And Jeff achieved his own goal. At last, the whole family of Jeff disappeared, or his death was all well planned. In this way, your mother, the bane, will be proved to be true!"

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