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   Chapter 520 You Have To Think It Over!

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As a result, Angela felt that she was not far from the position of Mrs. Xia.

Everyone was selfish. Angela had thought that the reason why she insisted on going back to Ryan was to avenge her dead mother. Yes, Crystal had told her that it was Ryan who killed her mother, and more importantly, it was to let herself live with dignity.

However, it turned out that everything was fake. Only endless power and property could last forever.

Therefore, the only thought in Angela's mind now was to make his baby be the successor of the Xia clan smoothly.

Only in this way could she be the most noble woman in the Xia state.

And she had already forgotten the agreement to cooperate with Crystal.

Therefore, at this moment, Angela was a little impatient with Douglas, although she knew very well that he was a cold killer.

But she firmly believed that without Crystal's words, how dare Douglas kill her?

How could Douglas not know what Angela was thinking? At the same time, he admired his master even more.

Angela's expression and words were within Crystal's expectation.

At this time, he took out a test sheet from his pocket unhurriedly and threw it coldly in front of Angela. "Have a look. What's this?"

Angela was so excited that she didn't care what was in front of her. She frowned and said in an unfriendly tone, "What? I'm telling you, leave here as soon as possible. Belle will be back soon. She works for Ryan. Once she finds out, don't say that I'm ungrateful! I... "

When Angela opened the laboratory sheet in her hand, her chattering stopped abruptly. After a brush, her head went blank and her face turned pale. She suddenly raised her head and looked at Douglas in horror, "You... You... "

Angela's chest heaved two times, gritted his teeth and said, "You... You are threatening me! "

Then, Douglas turned around, unhurriedly picked up a magazine from the table next to him, leisurely leaned against th

re, your son will never be a bastard.

It depends on you what you are going to do next? It's just a warning for you. If you have to think it over and stand on the side of Ryan, our master won't make things difficult for you. But we hope you won't leak out what happened to our master. Then the well and water don't interfere with each other and we have nothing to do with each other. But if you want to tell others about our secrets, needless to say, you should know how miserable you will be! "

Angela's eyes flashed with tears. She really didn't expect that Crystal would be so good to her. It was true that she was moved!

She thought if she chose to be on the side of Ryan, then she and Crystal would become enemies. When Ryan would step down in the future, Crystal would never let her go.

However, she didn't expect that Crystal could let her leave unconditionally as long as she didn't reveal the secret.

Most importantly, she didn't expect that Crystal would arrange everything for her, which reminded her of the scene that she often made difficulties for Crystal in the Cao clan.

She took a deep breath and sobbed, "Wait! Thank her for me. Don't worry. From now on, my master is Crystal! "

Since Angela had made her stand clear, Douglas opened the door and walked out coldly.

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