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   Chapter 512 Unexpected!

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As soon as Edgar went out, he happened to meet Ryan who brought his subordinates into the hotel.

Ignoring Edgar, Ryan turned around and went to the president's meeting room in the hotel.

The decoration of the hotel was very unique. There was a presidential suite and a presidential meeting room next to it.

This hotel could also be a place for senior departments to rest and have meetings.

Of course, the president's meeting room would only be expropriated when Ryan came personally.

There was only a large conference table in the meeting room, and a high-definition computer was hung on the wall. There was a tea room and a rest room, except for unnecessary furniture.

There were only some bookshelves and a lot of books on them.

Of course, there were no important documents here. Normally, Ryan would not come here.

And he came here today just to bring back his son.

Abbott called him and told him that his son was drunk and unconscious here. He wanted to send Adam home, but on the second day, Adam appeared on the bed of his sister, Sheena.

Although Abbott said it without any emotion, everyone knew that it was not that simple, How could he not know his son's dissolute nature?

It was because he was too clear that he also understood why his son was arrested by Abbott and not allowed to go back.

It was obvious that he had slept with Abbott's sister. How could Abbott let him leave?

At the same time, he was also very angry. Although every time his ignorant son made a big trouble, his subordinates would naturally follow Adam to clean up the mess, this time was different. It was Sheena. Who was Sheena? She was the princess of Country C. How could he say that he could solve it with money!

Ryan was so angry, but no matter how angry he was, the problem had to be solved.

On the way here, he had made up his mind t

they didn't scratch Adam as hard as they could, and Adam was still scratching her.

However, Adam's female assistant was in trouble. Adam held her in his arms with his dark claws.

The assistant screamed and passed out.

Then, Adam continued.

Seeing his two assistants slow down, Ryan immediately coaxed them, "didn't you have breakfast this morning? Take Adam down! "

Ryan rarely got angry in front of his subordinates. He had always been calm and steady. Now that Ryan got angry, his two subordinates were really scared to death.

Therefore, the two men gritted their teeth and ruthlessly pulled Adam down from the female assistant's belly.

Adam's paws were flapping, and he was still calling her mother. There was even saliva at the corners of his mouth. He smelled terrible. The subordinate of Ryan, who was grabbing Adam, began to retch in his stomach.

If it weren't for Adam's identity, they would have thrown this idiot into the trash can!

Seeing his son like this, Ryan thought, 'what's wrong with him?

However, he was the President of the Xia state. No matter how angry he was, he couldn't jump up and beat Abbott.

"Prince Abbott, my son, although he did something wrong first, you can't do this to him! "

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