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   Chapter 510 Is There Any Misunderstanding

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Sheena frowned and asked in confusion, "brother, what are you talking about?"

"Since you have to do this, I'll let you know how cruel you are. Sheena, dare you say that you didn't do anything on my plane? Don't you dare to say that you haven't arranged anyone around my father? You won't give up until I make it so clear to you, Sheena, right? "

Sheena felt guilty, but she acted as if she was wronged. She said, "brother, is there any misunderstanding between you and me? I... No, brother, you must have misunderstood something, right? "

At this moment, Sheena was extremely shocked. She had never thought that her brother would know about her little tricks. How could it be possible?

At the same time, she secretly told herself that she couldn't admit it. Once she admitted it, her relationship with her brother would be over. For this family affection, Sheena didn't think it was very good, but once she broke up with her brother, who would continue to protect her in the future? Who was the gun in her hand?

As for Sheena's attitude, Abbott only felt ridiculous. "Sheena, are you still thinking that it would be a loss if your brother can't take the bullet for you? Don't you think it's a pity?"

What Sheena was thinking was how to make her brother believe her and how to retrieve the stalemate between her and her brother. She didn't notice what he had said at all.

No, it was not that she didn't notice it, but that she didn't think carefully and said from the bottom of her heart, "It's a pity!"

Abbott laughed.

His laughter was so loud that Sheena suddenly came to her senses and realized what she had said.

Sheena immediately covered her mouth and shook her head. "Brother, you... Listen to me. I didn't mean that. I... I really didn't mean that. I just want to say... "

"Humph, do you think you need to explain anything? Do you think I will believe you? "

Then, Abbott shouted to the door, "Come on in!"

Then the two bodyguards outside the door quickly

nd said, "Now you see it. You've achieved your wish. You're happy!"

Edgar grabbed the wine from the hand of Abbott, raised his head and took a sip. "Well, I'm not happy, but I'm in a good mood!"

Abbott was rendered speechless.

It was his wine, okay?

Didn't they say that Edgar was a neat freak?

He still remembered that when they were on a mission, even if Edgar was thirsty to death, he didn't drink with him. At that time, he scolded him for being sentimental.

But now, looking at the fact that Edgar didn't mind drinking his bottle of wine, he felt a sharp pain in his teeth! Did he change his personality?

After drinking a mouthful of wine, Edgar stuffed the empty bottle into the arms of Abbott. He said, "I advise you not to drink. After a while, as the second elder brother, you will have to discuss with Ryan about his son's marriage. I'm afraid that you may damage your family's dignity!"

After saying that, Edgar left. But before he left, he gave two steamed buns to Abbott and said coldly, "eat them. I don't want to waste the rest. I'll reward you!"

Seeing the disappearing figure of Edgar, Abbott lowered her head and saw the steaming bun in his hand. He stared at it for a long time, as if there were flowers on it. After a long time, the corner of his eyes was covered with a layer of mist.

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