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   Chapter 509 The Consequence Of Self Injury!

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Did Crystal and his brother Edgar make him angry?

Or did her brother discover her plot?

Then, the idea was thrown away by Sheena. How could it be possible? She knew her brother best. How could he find out her plot? Yes, it must be impossible!

But why did her brother change his attitude towards her as soon as he came back?

A second ago, he still held her in his arms, feeling sorry for her and claiming to revenge for her, but now he became cold. Why?

Sheena tried to recall the past, but she still couldn't figure out the reason. For this, she took her brother's unusual attitude as if he had been bullied by Crystal, so when he came back, he looked unhappy!

Just as she was lost in thought, suddenly, Abbott came out of the bedroom.

As soon as she saw the figure of Abbott, Sheena immediately pretended to be sad and dejected.

She bent over the sofa and cried bitterly.

However, when she was crying, she found something wrong, because Abbott stood there and looked down at her performance.

He didn't say a word, as if he was watching a clown show.

Abbott stood there motionlessly Sheena's cry became lower and lower until she found that she was not able to cry anymore.

Sheena couldn't believe what she heard. Abbott said, "I've asked my father for his permission. He agreed to your relationship with Adam."

Sheena stopped crying abruptly. Oh, no, it should be said that she stopped sobbing abruptly!

She suddenly raised her head and looked into Abbott's cold eyes. She exclaimed, "brother, you What did you say? "

Like a robot, Abbott's voice was surprisingly cold and hard. He repeated, "I asked my father for his permission. He agreed to your marriage with Adam!"

Hearing this, Sheena stood up abruptly. She thought it must be the coldest joke she had ever heard.

"Brother, what's wrong with you? How can you let me marry Adam? "

The smell of his

... "

Hearing this, Sheena was completely flustered. Judging from what Abbott said, it was true, not a joke.

However, she couldn't understand why her brother changed all of a sudden after he went out for a while.

Where was the brother who used to love her?

Sheena thought that Crystal must have said something bad about her to her brother. Otherwise, how could his brother become like this!

Abbott was about to leave after he finished his words. The air in the room disgusted him. He didn't want to stay here for a moment.

Suddenly, Sheena dragged Abbott from behind and said, "Brother, I know that bitch Crystal must have said something to you, right? Brother, you know how scheming Crystal is. Do you think what she said is true? She just doesn't want me to live a better life. Brother, we have the same blood brother and sister. Don't you believe me, a sister, but an outsider? Brother, you... "

Before Sheena could finish her words, Abbott suddenly turned around and pushed her away.

Looking at the pitiful eyes of Sheena, Abbott smiled. In the past, he would feel how pitiful her eyes were and how heartbroken he would be.

But now he felt sick! Disgusting!

"Sheena, you won't give up until I tear your hypocritical face apart, will you?"

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