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   Chapter 508 I See!

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After a long while, Abbott said calmly, "I will send her back to Country C secretly. Please let the grudge between you and her be written off! From now on, she won't appear in front of you. This time, I will teach her a lesson. As for [夏明], as the prince of Country C, I can't deal with him, but I will send him back to the Xia clan... "

Before Abbott could finish his words, Edgar interrupted, "It's too late!"

Abbott frowned and asked in confusion, "What do you mean?"

Leaning against the back of the sofa, Crystal spread out her hands and said, "My husband said it's too late, which means that you don't have to secretly send Adam back to the Xia clan, be

d to kill you, why did you still care about him? Would you still want to stand up for that person?

Obviously, he had got the answer.

After that, Abbott left in peace.

He went back to his room. When he saw the pitiful and sad expression on the face of Sheena, a trace of disgust flashed through the corners of his eyes.

He had never hated a person so much like now. It was hard to tell whether he hated her or not, but for him, at this moment, he was more disappointed.

Expressionlessly, Abbott passed by Sheena and went back to his bedroom.

Sheena was a little confused when she saw the sullen face of Abbott!

What happened to her brother?

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