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   Chapter 507 The Truth!

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Then Abbott turned around and was about to leave.

At this moment, he believed that if he stood here for a longer time, he would really want to punch Edgar.

However, he didn't have time or energy to entangle with the shameless couple.

He hadn't finished dealing with his sister's matter, although he had stopped those reporters and caught Adam.

However, his poor sister, who had been crying to death, had committed suicide for two times. He was afraid that if he came out for too long, Sheena would do something to hurt herself again.

Thinking of this, Abbott quickened his pace.

However, when he was about to open the door, Crystal stood behind him and shouted, "Abbott, don't you want to ask what your good sister has done to me? Why do you think she is pitiful and why do you think she is innocent? "

Abbott's feet froze. Without turning around, he sneered, "There's no need to ask. What can a weak woman do to you? What can she do? "

Crystal continued with a smile, "Abbott, I know you are a good brother and care about your sister very much, but you should at least know whether it's right or wrong. Do you know that your good sister allied with Adam, oh, the eldest son of the Xia clan. They wanted to kill me, or to be exact, they want to find someone to rape me and let me experience all kinds of humiliation on my wedding night. Do you think your good sister is innocent? "

Abbott suddenly turned around and asked in disbelief, "What did you say? Impossible! Sheena won't do that. She is still a child! "

At this time, Edgar sneered and said, "Humph, still a child? You are the only one who is willing to treat her as a child. Do you know that it was your good sister who asked you to come back to Country C? Do you know that Sheena has already had someone working

n order to make the negotiation go on as soon as possible, he flew back this morning.

Seeing that Abbott was deep in thought, Edgar continued, "You may not believe what I said, but I can tell you for sure that what I said is true. Abbott, your good sister, Sheena, is no longer the innocent little girl that year.

Maybe you can't figure out why Sheena did something on the plane. She didn't want you to come back at all. She once told me that as long as I could be with her, she would give me whatever I want. Even if I want to be the king of Country C, she would support me. So, if your plane crashed, her plan would be carried out, and I would indirectly become the successor of Country C.

But you know what kind of person I am. How can I be with Sheena! It's impossible for me to be the king, and Sheena can be cruel to you for her selfish motive. There are some things that you should be clear about. I admit that what happened between Adam and Sheena this morning was done by me. They wanted to hurt my wife. How can I be indifferent! How could I not fight back! "

Abbott's hand holding the doorknob was clenched and loosened. He had never thought that his sister would want him to die!

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