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   Chapter 505 Honey! It Was My Fault!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 4900

Updated: 2020-05-09 00:26

After saying that, Toby and Daniel turned around and left quickly, as if there was a monster behind them.

After Toby and Daniel left.

Holding Crystal in his arms, Edgar told her the conversation between him and Charlie.

At the same time, Crystal also told Edgar about Adam's and Sheena's trick.

However, after hearing that, Edgar's face immediately darkened. He stood up and was about to kill that beast, Adam!

Crystal hugged him and persuaded, "Honey, look, everything is fine now? It's okay. Don't go! "

Clenching his fists, Edgar was so angry that he wanted to kill them. But when he saw the anxious look on Crystal's face, his heart softened.

He held Crystal on his laps and said, "Adam deserved to die. Fortunately, it was Toby and others who rushed in. Otherwise, I will really blame myself. Honey, I'm sorry. It's my fault today. If I don't leave the hotel today, I won't let you encounter such a dangerous thing. Honey, I promise, I will never leave you again!"

In fact, Edgar didn't expect that Mia would cooperate with Sheena and Adam. He felt guilty in his heart. He was too careless. It was really dangerous this time. If something really happened to Crystal, he would really kill himself.

Seeing the remorseful look on Edgar's face, Crystal reached out her hand and held up his face. With an enchanting smile, she said, "well, honey, of course I trust you. Besides, your wife is not an ordinary person. Do you think those p

"Will he die?"

Shaking his head, Edgar replied, "of course not! But Shawn's hand shook, and the dose was a little too much! "

Crystal, "Ah! So what? "

Hearing that, Edgar smiled and said, "Maybe... He'll be dying because of too much sex! "

Crystal told herself not to laugh.

Crystal thought that Edgar had finished his words. After all, such a result should be the most miserable for Sheena.

However, she didn't expect that Edgar would say again the next second, "Not only that, I also informed Ryan to come and take his precious son away, and instantly let him see his son's glory performance. I also informed some famous reporters and I estimate that tomorrow's entertainment headlines will not be a star, but the son of the President of the Xia state and the beautiful princess of Country C's good news! "

Suddenly, something occurred to Crystal. She asked, "Where is Abbott? Why didn't I see him? How could he not know what happened to his own sister? "

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