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   Chapter 504 Come On, Let's Have A Talk!

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When he saw Crystal lying on the bed safe and sound, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Needless to say, Crystal had solved the problem that Mia had encountered. But this time, he still felt guilty. Every time Crystal was in danger, he was not by her side.

Edgar walked over gently, pulled the quilt for Crystal, and gently put Crystal's exposed arm in.

He bent over and kissed Crystal's forehead, and smoothed the hair near Crystal's ear, but he didn't wake her up.

Perhaps Crystal was really tired. Even though Edgar had been touching her face for so long, she still didn't wake up.

With a smile, Edgar turned off the bedside table lamp and quietly left the room.

At this moment, the two people, Toby and Daniel, standing in the living room, were about to explode!

No, it should be said that Daniel was about to blow up. He looked at Toby in shock, "who do you think is that?"

Toby curled his lips and said, "Who else can it be? Of course he is the husband of Ms. Crystal, Edgar! Now it should be said that he is Zach, the third prince of Country C! "

Hearing this, Daniel almost fainted, "Shit! What the fuck! Why didn't you tell me earlier! "

Toby rolled his eyes at him and said, "didn't I wink at you? You didn't understand, okay? "

Daniel really wanted to slap himself. He was so stupid!

At the thought of the man who just entered the bedroom was Ms. Crystal's husband, Edgar, it was... But it didn't matter. The most important thing was that he had heard in the Dragon Tiger gang that Ms. Crystal's boyfriend was the leader of the Shadow Group, whose name was Edgar!

Daniel was so scared that his legs and feet became weak. What kind of person was the leader of the Shadow Group? The Shadow Group's glory performance was really good. He heard that the Shadow Group was really ruthless!

The more Daniel thought about it, the more frightened he was.

Daniel didn't know anything. In fact, Daniel had just been tran

stal as if she was their Savior. They hurried forward and said respectfully, "Ms. Crystal!"

For Daniel, it was really timely for Crystal to show up, Seeing Crystal come out, Edgar immediately stood up and pulled Crystal into his arms. He poked her nose dotingly and said, "You got up? Why do you come out? "

Crystal wrapped her arms around Edgar's neck and said with an enchanting smile, "I didn't feel sleepy after a sleep, so I came out for a walk!"

Rubbing Crystal's nose, Edgar asked, "Are you hungry?"

Crystal chuckled, "A little!"

With a smile on his face, Edgar said, "what do you want to eat, my little glutton? Tell me, I'll cook for you! "

While Edgar and Crystal were showing off their love, they didn't notice that the two faces of Toby and Daniel were about to twist into one.

Daniel shouted in his heart, "Ms. Crystal, can you look up at us? We are still standing here. Do you think it's really appropriate to show off love in front of me, a bachelor?

Maybe it was because of Daniel's shout that the God sensed it and sent it to Crystal's ears.

The next second, Crystal turned her head and glanced at Toby and Daniel. "Why are you still here? Get out of here! "

Hearing this, Toby and Daniel immediately replied respectfully, "Yes! Yes! Yes! we'll get out right now!"

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