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   Chapter 502 You Are Crazy!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6105

Updated: 2020-05-08 00:36

"Charlie, you are crazy!"

"Bang!" Edgar punched Charlie again!

Edgar hit him harder and harder! He beat Charlie harder and harder until he knocked Charlie to the ground and kicked him in the chest.

On the contrary, Charlie looked calm as if he was not the one who was beaten.

"Charlie, you bastard! I have always thought that even if you betrayed me, maybe you have some difficulties, or, who forced you to betray me? "

Speaking of this, Edgar burst into laughter for three times. "Hahaha, but it's not until now that I realize how ridiculous my idea is! Ha ha, how stupid I am! I haven't discovered your ambition for so many years! I, Edgar, am such a fucking idiot! I used to think that it was me. It was all my fault. I'm sorry for Ivy. I used the wrong way. I didn't know how to love others, so I caused such terrible consequences!

We almost lost Hilary. We brushed past each other, but the misunderstanding between us deepened. But now I know that it's all of you who don't want us to be together. I used to think that at least my good friend helped me to face all the difficulties. "

Speaking of this, Edgar suddenly bent down and grabbed Charlie's collar. He roared, "but, it turns out that I'm wrong. It's all my fault! It's my fault. I didn't find that there is an ungrateful person beside me! "

With a self mockery smile, Edgar said, "I'm really a big fool. Till today, I still think that even if you return to the Mu family and have everything, you still can't escape the arrangement of fate. You got cancer. To be honest, when I heard the news that you would not come back soon, I was really a little sad. After all, we used to get along with each other for more than ten years.

Although you betrayed me, I really can't forget that friendship. Therefore, I think today when I come to see

amily. I want to be the eldest son of the Mu family. I want to show my glory! As a result, I got what I wanted. Besides, I kicked my brother out of the Mu family and even forced him to leave the family.

But until now, I believe that human beings really can't fight against God, the fate, and even you!

'Edgar, you're so lucky. When I finally have everything. I finally dare to stand in front of you confidently tell you that you're no match for me and my status is not lower than yours, and even more distinguished than yours. However, I have an incurable disease. I'm going to die soon!'!

Charlie didn't know whether Edgar was listening or not. He kept staring at the blood on the ground and muttered to himself, "People can't be against fate. Some people always want to fight against the heaven and fate, but what about the result! I lost miserably. I lost. I lost. Oh, no, I lost not because of you, Edgar but because of the fate and God!

However, I don't feel any regret, because I know that after my death, you, Edgar, won't live so happily. I won't be too lonely in the hell. After a long time, the woman you love will go to accompany me, and I will still win! I'm still the winner in this game... "

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