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   Chapter 501 You Deserve To Die!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6425

Updated: 2020-05-08 00:26

Looking at the back of Edgar, Charlie asked, "don't you want to know the truth of Uncle's death., kk.?"

Without turning his head, Edgar sneered, "Yes! I don't want to know. I know more about my father than you do. Why did you lie to me with such a boring reason?"

Yes, Edgar had never thought that Charlie knew much more about his father than he did.

"Yes, I lied to you, but you still believed me, didn't you?"

Hearing that, Edgar stopped his steps and said coldly, "You're wrong. I don't believe it. I just want to see with my own eyes how miserable you look when you have an incurable disease!"

Charlie shook his hands and smiled bitterly, "Now you've seen! Are you disappointed? "

Turning around, Edgar put his hands in his pockets and smiled faintly, "Disappointed? I have never given you any hope. Why should I be disappointed! You are wrong again. Not only am I not disappointed, I also feel very happy! Look at you, Charlie! You are so sick! Well? Do you want your father to taste the feeling of witnessing his son's death? "

Charlie tightened his hands and said, "Edgar, do you hate me so much? You want me to die, right? "

Edgar kicked the trash can aside and said with a smile, "Hate you? Mr. Edgar, you are so humorous. Who do you think you are? do we know each other? Why do I hate you so much? What right do you have to make me hate you? "

Charlie put the red wine aside and said, "Edgar], why do you have to deceive yourself like this?"

Hearing this, Edgar laughed all of a sudden. He laughed and said, "you are deceiving yourself. Don't you think it's too ridiculous for you to say that? Who are you to me? Do you think you are still the good friend who followed me back then? From the moment you betrayed me, you were no longer my good friend, and from that moment on, we had nothing to do with each other. You are the son of the Mu family and I am Edgar Luo. To me, you are just

o you know that you made me lose her! I lost her for three years! I lost her for three years!

In the past three years, a woman has always appeared in my dream. I didn't know who she was! But I would miss that dream for three years. Do you know how painful I was when I remembered everything in the past.

I used to think it was all my fault. If I hadn't given Ivy a cold shoulder, if I hadn't given Ivy despair, she wouldn't have given up on herself, and she wouldn't have been hurt so much. Charlie, you are so ... Damn it! "

"Bang!" another punch!

Clenching his fists, Edgar's eyes blazed with anger. He roared, "Charlie, you ... deserve the death! "

Two front teeth of Charlie were knocked out by Edgar, and the blood in his eyes was getting more and more.

Even so, Charlie still maintained that posture, as if he didn't feel any pain. A trace of bitterness flashed through the corners of his eyes. He said, "Edgar, in fact, I never regret what I have done.

I often tell myself that I love Ivy, so I want her to be a walking dead. I want her to be completely disappointed in you until she is desperate. In this way, after I regain my identity as the son of the Mu family, I can chase her! I can tell you proudly that I will also have everything as you do! "

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